Analysis of burn promotion why attractive ball


third: both bidding and Shanghai dragon. Now the enterprise site is not to say that after the auction, not in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, actually in reality often we are both doing. A bidding promotion way to find your target keywords, do targeted keywords optimization of Shanghai dragon, so can their more pages show to the user, spread their information, so bring users is a lot. Site selection of Shanghai Longfeng method may not give the website to accurate user, but the auction can be seen in the precise user is from what keywords, for these keywords do optimization on the go, the resulting flow rate is very high.


second: marketing effect visible. Through the process of marketing promotion, marketing effect visibility is relatively large. How much the cost of bidding, the marketing process has brought the number of users, these data are visible. But for some other promotion methods, may not be able to calculate the cost, such as blog marketing, blog marketing is very difficult to calculate how much you spend cost, or blog marketing process, in the end bring you many users. In the end of this marketing, marketing personnel to see their effect. Is disadvantageous to days after marketing. But for promotion can effectively keep the effectiveness of marketing reaction, one of the reasons is that the enterprise will choose the site.

network promotion way, pay a free way to the spring and Autumn period, bidding promotion although the money is, but for some enterprise website, the choice is still very much. No matter what kind of promotion way, advantages and disadvantages are existing, only reasonable use, in order to better promote the work. Bloggers to share this money for promotion why attractive ball, only the author summed up his own views, I hope useful for everyone.

: the first quick promotion. For some enterprise website, online marketing, hope to soon have the effect, if you go by Shanghai dragon, effective rate is certainly very slow, and the new building site weight is not high, so it is very difficult to optimize, so most companies choose to bid promotion. The establishment of good bidding account, you can set the target keywords, estimates like a few days will be seen to flow into the target, it is necessary for enterprise marketing, and most need to get. Especially for some short-term marketing goals, for promotion effect than Shanghai Longfeng good promotion methods can be effective immediately, more suitable for short-term marketing projects.

fourth: price risk is relatively low. The bidding promotion way as long as you are not removed, the ranking is always there, but you can bring the user is lasting. But for the Shanghai dragon website, the effect is very unstable, the website can easily be search engine punishment, causing the site weight decreased, keywords ranking is reduced, the effect of such "will directly affect the marketing

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