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3, I did not change the site didn’t do anything, how to link, ranking suddenly Kuangxiang

1, the new sites included why the ranking is very good, a few days without

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to be honest, you will certainly ask that my website through the emergence of this situation, I also know that my site is certainly wrong, what is the problem leads to a keyword to my site temporarily to the ranking? I want to say is, I only speak several reasons. After I practice the most important reason is summed up, you must listen carefully, that is outside the chain chain problem! Exactly what is the problem? To be honest, the chain and the cause of the problem is also a lot of search engines only love outside the chain, a natural increase to be honest, if you don’t see love Shanghai core algorithm, cannot quantify how do link is the natural growth, in fact if it is the old site, high weight, link growth will not be too abnormal affect the ranking, such as you give Sina the link group, I absolutely did not respond, you have a link to sending your own new sites, must be K! So we do when the chain, especially for new sites through the chain of time, in order to ensure the growth of the natural link, the best way is one of the 5 points to the site update time spent. The chain! In other words, you will have new website promotion content update, the original content is stable keywords ranking improve the new king, don’t spend too much time doing links, keywords your site’s ranking bottleneck, when not to go in, to enhance your link experience and time

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don’t get excited over a little thing, just add new sites included the original content, don’t care too much about ranking.

this situation often appear in the top of the new station, the old station or do new words, this is not the search engine to your site down the right, but the spider after this period of time to a keyword of your website data analysis of your site in this keyword data and little problems so, not for you to calculate the ranking, observed a few days later, the key data not what problem, ranking back in the back.


2, a keyword ranking disappear to outside 100


search engine, especially the weight of love will give Shanghai website promotion content included is relatively high, so the new station on the line, there will be a period of time and then good keywords ranking, ranking will disappear in a few days, this is normal, for example, you go to the 58 city issued an original article, also be very good included second ranking, over time may disappear.


sure your site for a considerable period of time for some reason can not access! Not encountered "

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