Four enhance the stability factor of website keywords ranking

website, here also involves the "content is king" topic. Yes, the content is the core of the website, this point is not the least bit we neglect. Here is to emphasize that the site is updated, the stability factor must be taken into account is the content of the.

even give up the search engine update, spiders will crawl every day on our website capture content, some high weight website every day is uninterrupted to the spider. As mentioned above, the website does not open, leading to the spider over and over outsmarted, will trust your site? Of course, this is just one example, the search engine algorithms in detail, have you wondering.

in conclusion, the web server is stable, is the most basic element of good website.

Two, The stability of

, a web server

these two aspects in the early stage of our site should be done, don’t wait until problems appeared to solve it.

this site hierarchy says least medicine involves two aspects, the first is the positioning of the site itself is stable. Perhaps a friend would ask me, how positioning stability. In fact, the author here speaks of "positioning stability" is refers on its web page "title", "Keywords" and "description" stability. We all know that these things are not to be cannot but can freely modify, sometimes even change what impact on their own will, but as I said in previous articles that often in the river walk, which have not wet shoes.

The stability of the

site hierarchy

three, website content

on improving methods for ranking web site keywords, the network has many, today to talk about the basic point, it is most likely to six "stability" factor is the webmaster friends ignored. These factors may seem insignificant, when you do Shanghai dragon but it is the biggest stumbling block.

content is not sound? "

is the stability of the web server in the first place, to see that the server is stable or not seriously restricts the increase your website ranking. As far as I know, our space each month one day or two days is not open, say something nice called "server normal maintenance". As we know, the search engine is a Monday update, January a big update, and when your site is in an important point in time cannot be accessed when the consequences are as can be imagined.

to the other hand site hierarchy stable explanation, is about the site directory structure of the website level related issues. Site structure clear, must be the most conducive to the search engine grab way to create.

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