Do search marketing must proceed from the overall improvement of details

but to be clear, we will not flow, but the transformation. Only do advertising alliance talent flow, so the problem is that we should choose the keywords of value flow promotion, no value keywords for lower prices, or even delete, actually say or vernacular, any operation must be established to do the bidding is the basis of data analysis.

good thing here, even if the account to me fairly understand the point of bidding to operate it? The statement here, I have always been the point is to do network marketing must understand customers understand the products understand the industry understand competitors, as this is the people in this industry, we only from care. Account angle adjustment. Why do I actually want to be improved should be very small,? I often speak from the overall situation, each link of success can you succeed. I often talk with others for this case, a medical industry keyword click price 500 yuan, 50% of the people made the transformation of 50%, 1000 is the cost inquiry, conversion cost is 2000. and I don’t know the profits of this industry, if the industry profit is 20000, people turn cost only 2000, such words the price is higher also acceptable.


that is not the keyword value, 600 yuan of money some keywords high profit medical value of ah, ah, people can support such a high cost, as a product itself is only 500 yuan of money, how could the keyword bid out to 500 yuan money? This is not reasonable, so the above problems 10 yuan above click charges do not know expensive and not expensive, especially our layman, even if it is the company’s bid also must know the product and profit as well as the conversion rate to calculate our offer profitable? So the above analysis is that we have no specific data we blur. I need to adjust the price to go up? We want to see what to adjust the price first, natural ranking can rise, we get more clicks and traffic.

but others if only 5% of the inquiry, 5% conversion. The people of the transformation cost is 200 thousand, the profit is 20 thousand, people still play the turn? So from the point of view, a company must have a very good search marketing talent, bring the flow, followed by a good art and copy, because the biggest factor in the inquiry to the art.

today to see the group in a search marketing friend asked: I did one day love Shanghai, found that the peers bid is very high, we click charges are almost more than ten yuan of money, I need to adjust the price to go up? In fact, this is a pure new problem, this kind of the problem placed in front of me, I really don’t know how to answer, click on the average price of ten yuan more than is not high. Of course, the key is to see how you define the price is high, the so-called high price is not high and the high profit industries are not high, why a keyword can offer medical 500-600, and some key words only 3 cents, the difference with thousands of times in

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