Website optimization core factors beyond the competitors

core two factors: learn to analyze the needs of users, so as to create a better user experience site

; Optimization of !

2) we often found that a lot of the site, the important position of a lot of pictures, such as the navigation directory is also set by the picture, it is not conducive to grasp, it is not conducive to the ranking of the

1) we can search or some user requirement analysis tool to analyze from the drop-down box, Shanghai love, to know what the user needs for our core industries, and what we need is to be able to give the offer, and targeted, according to the importance of layout to the site to

core factors: to learn how to create a search engine to crawl and grab the structure of the website

I think this point for a web site can not be optimized, can get good rankings, beyond our competitors are very important factors:

site competition is more and more big, every day there are more and more sites, always a threat to our every day, we also want to go beyond stronger than us competitors, how can we better than our competitors? I think this is the core factor of every webmaster friends think, we need to think about how to better improve the site weight up, how to improve the keywords ranking beyond the competitors, so today is to share personal experience:

I think we all know, our website is to give users see, only allow users to access our website. To allow them to quickly find the content they want, this site is good, so we need to learn to know what users of content of interest, so we need to take provide:


3) > Society

3) we all know to search engine crawl site structure taken as a tree structure, and the level of not more than three, if the site structure of our confusion, level has four or five, the search engine will not spend more resources to take up your deeper pages, then this website is not conducive to included

2) we can leveraging the analysis, as the saying goes baizhanbudai, we can go to the analysis of our competitors, we can focus on to analysis the good website ranking, their website which content for users is valuable, we have to learn from others.

1) imagine if we open the homepage to flash, is the atmosphere, very beautiful, this is also a lot of companies are still pursuing the way, so this website search engine to our very good web crawling? Our website can have a very good collection of

so the first to build a search engine to crawl the web is the core factor first, so that it can make a good website ranking, can better than our competitors!


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