What causes love Shanghai snapshot not update and coping strategies

for the love Shanghai snapshot not update, I think from the following several aspects:

2, the overall changes to the scope of the site itself. The website major revision, navigation and directory address change will cause the search engine off, because you change the frame of website, search engine to your page re rating, to modify the database, it will greatly influence your website snapshot update.

Oh!Failed to update

5, the content of the website plagiarism seriously, we are the same, you also copy others, what will give you a very simple truth update snapshot?

3, on the site title, keywords, description of frequent changes, the search engine spiders don’t know what you going to do what, so start to test your site, natural love of Shanghai is not updated snapshot. Prevent into the sandbox

1, a good point space, stability is of overriding importance

, the 2 day to the site to add some original content

recently in the webmaster circles to see a lot of discussion topics are related to love Shanghai snapshot not update, included reducing, but whether this will have an impact on the ranking? In the eyes of one thousand individuals have one thousand Hamlett, now let me talk about my views:

I have seen too much of the station

4, website long time. The spider every time to the same thing, saying that: dragon meat to eat are boring, and you are not the dragon meat? How often to update the spider? Often is undoubtedly a good way.

two, what factors will affect the snapshot not update


6, the chain is not normal growth, this relatively new character, the chain grew too fast will cause the engine to think you’re cheating on

, a snapshot would not affect the


, because the space problem, not by K, is right down, correction. So even if you don’t buy nets of luxury space, you also want to try the new net rate, the era of the Internet or something.

1 server: server stability, stability is a prerequisite for the visitors to browse the site, if the site can not be opened, even if the spider to be eaten, for you, the consequences of cold-shoulder treatment, as can be imagined. So the site in the building should choose a stable space, particular emphasis is placed on 12 in the evening to 7 am the next day because this period is the search engine spiders often visit the site in time.

this has been a lot of people debate, but personally I think it is two different concepts, the snapshot reflects the update frequency of the website, and frequent spider climbs in, it will accumulate the search engine on the web itself so as to improve the recognition of the weight.


rankings? ?

this is a must, even if you are outside of the chain is very strong, for a period of time does not update the original, love Shanghai as ignoring you. To increase the number of? According to how much your site content, the total amount of about 2>

as appropriate

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