What kind of love is not the love of Shanghai green dream 2 update

it certainly will not be included in each site, not to mention before the release of the news source contains a lot of contact with the sea is not moving out? Therefore, the contact must be less, leaving only a common contact line.

made a two article in the newspaper about the results reflect is not good, it is very few, the article is original, is not included, but also through the audit on sites such as A5, the mystery. Therefore, this article advise you that should appear in other forms, otherwise you are useless.

fifth, the internal not the emergence of too many links to other sites.

third, try not to appear too many website reprint articles.

reprint articles, we all know Shanghai dragon, on their own to others on the search engines are not very friendly, so a little less like this, increase the system knowledge, a related industry slowly, your site will be completely love Shanghai trust, at that time the station must be very stable.

I remember I wrote a "dream from falling in love with glauconite algorithm 2 to teach you to identify the real soft Wen", has been very clear what the love Shanghai love, this time, I love Shanghai very hate in about what the article? I hope you write in not long winded well, write articles on their own, is a kind of help to others,


I think a little before

second, the article do not occur within the "contact" and "connection" and other harsh words.

some people in the web site of the internal update, often copy some other websites and things within the chain of this article most from this website, this is not good for their own website, to format text, and then released in >

Hello, I was thinking, I recently in writing has been found such problems, not every article has been in love with Shanghai aunt included, there are very individual website is not included, I do not know why, then I will ask others, own in observing it. Slowly I found one of the doorways, the love of Shanghai search, no related articles, I need you to write one for your reference.

this situation is easy to appear on the website after the move, or you delete some articles and other articles contained in the article, which indirectly created a lot of dead links, if the latter with such links increase, is very friendly to the website, the only solution is to increase by 404, to get through each part link to the site, so the search engine will love your website.

first, the title do not appear "medical" and other related long tail words.

fourth, invalid site is less as far as possible.

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