The rapid increase in the 6 methods of the website chain

recently the author built a small station, in places like A5 mix for a long time also know that the chain of the site is very important, so in the website to find the rapid increase of the chain method. After more than a month, the chain is increased a lot. Some of the methods used to good effect, some methods due to the limited level cannot copy, but to see people with the effect is obvious. The summary of this period of time the rapid increase of the chain way summed up here the author, hoping to attract.

four, outside the chain of tools

blog in the comments you can write on their web site. In the comment, click easily fill in the user name to open the message. A look at the blog content, write comments, please fill the anchor text, URL fill, submit, a chain is done. Some celebrity blog weight high Oh ~ sometimes hit the content of the website and your website content match, can also have skills and leave your site in the comments, this review must be a little longer, and the content of the website is also left echo to the high point, the more the more high weight blog is not delete this comment. Do some more professional blog will have a lot of bloggers visit, is also will find N blog site in the comments, like a lot of the same dial radish pulled so outside the chain blog address is almost no time to look for a fee, the efficiency is very high.

this method is very simple and very high efficiency. Free online search, there are many such sites, the principle is automatically position. Fill in the various Webmaster Tools site, use left these Webmaster Tools site after use, similar to the "recent website" and do the chain on record. The webmaster tools the usual website traffic is relatively large, the search engine to the very frequently, it is easy to search engine chain snapshot, we have another. So, it has much higher efficiency? The rapidly increasing use of a network chain website online, the whole process about half an hour, the result is a more than 400 increase in the chain overnight, since these chain of love Shanghai than I love most master Shanghai snapshots updated more often. Absolute as sure as a gun.

online, a rapid increase of the chain


blog commentsMany of the

we can find a lot of hair in the comments and more chain snapshot forum. We pay attention to the rapid increase of the chain, the reply is relatively simple, if you really do not want to use their brains skills plus. In reply, it may be in the user signature with anchor text and URL, in many forums effective Oh ~

online, the rapid increase of the chain tools very much, including marketing software, principle there covers three kinds of methods mentioned above. Efficiency is very high, the website with a bunch of mixed software after three days, the chain increased nearly a thousand, also don’t know what the chain soft Tools >



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