What search mode allows the search results open the Blu ray high color value

Blu ray model on the one hand, allowing users to bid farewell to the traditional search web links, App mobile search interaction, on the other hand the use of large data and knowledge of artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence to identify the needs of the users and the scene matching, accurate information and services." Ceng Honglei said.

in content aggregation, blue mode no longer stay in Box Computing the first result or the first screen optimization, but the search results will make the overall combing with different web search.

what is the Alibaba’s search mobile search brand, is completely mobile search. According to the CNZZ data center data traffic statistics agency show that in March 2015, what mobile search share reached 13.35%, to love Shanghai, ranked second.

technology to experience, in what search in the search for movies, travel, college entrance examination, such as NBA, the search results are no longer traditional link arrangement, interactive page is redesigned, more independent App, this is what the blue search mode.

Ceng Honglei said that blue light is visible, one of the most sensitive human perception, the meaning is named blue. With the PC era Box Computing compared to Blu ray mode has three characteristics: high color value, polymerization, scenarized.

October 13th afternoon, what search announced the launch of a new mobile search mode blue interactive products. According to reports, the blue pattern has three main features: high color value, the interaction of App; the whole polymerization, polymerization of high quality content; the scene, moving scene matching precision.

what search according to general manager Ceng Honglei introduced what search results with "floating layer mode" and "light interaction" and "information flow loading technology.


in the data, what hope that through open strategy, the more quality content producers access in, using its own technology and what Ali big data resources, mining the potential value of big data and re processing, amplifying small data value with big data. Such as "the Imperial Palace" in the search results, what access Ctrip, the hornet’s nest, Interactive Encyclopedia and dozens of partners at the same time using their own data, the data processing and spread, so that the user can directly obtain the cross platform quality content show immediately in god.

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