Love Shanghai outside the chain of tools anchor text links to build skills


(we take a closer look at these are from the Sohu link):




(I just click a link to go in, this article is the anchor text, by testing the other links as well):

because I also have a certain degree of suspicion, then find a few love Shanghai weight good site to test the results, make me surprised, outside the chain of more than 95% of these sites basically is the anchor text link, and the release of products or news or blog, basically all the anchor text links. Perhaps the purpose of doing so is to increase the site product or the exposure, but they do love in Shanghai won good weight and ranks, a few shots below to illustrate this point.


Figure 2

this morning, I logged on to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform webmaster tools to look at the site (some time ago people are very busy, but also love Shanghai webmaster tools out soon, has been testing, did not pay much attention to it), with a company website (Note: the site is down right in the 622 events the September recovery in late November and is down right) in Shanghai outside the chain of tools to check, found that although the chain of the site a lot, but to see the details it is not difficult to find, many sites outside the chain of love to Shanghai are: the description of the source website, product links, and even garbage and so on. The link text, this should be the love of Shanghai link information automatic extraction system. Come to think of it may be the company released a lot of product information, the bottom have stated: due to the sources of information, product links etc.. And although these links indicate the source of information, but to love Shanghai may not have recommended the intuitive meaning of this article, so lead to instability and weight down the right situation.

(we look at the weight, the site for privacy protection, I removed the site of URL:

Figure 3


after these data, Shanghai Dragon School webmaster thinks, love Shanghai search engine for the anchor text links attention far more than pure text links, if you simply stay at the bottom of a source address or simple text links, there may be no real help to your site, and the cumulative number is judged to be more. No correlation between the risk is strong, resulting in weight instability or drop right can be explained by. Copyright: Shanghai Dragon School: the original site outside the chain of quality and how to build the chain 贵族宝贝lyylx贵族宝贝/tips/30.html, reprint >

Figure 4


is shown in Figure 1 (this is a site outside the chain, the weight has been unstable, repeatedly fall right:

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