How to effectively use the forum signature promotion website weight


Nanchang Baowang is the local portal to do a relatively successful example, I certainly will not miss such a good opportunity to increase the signature links, registered and set up after the signature to start looking for a new post, suddenly found the home there is a "new Express" button, the original day of the latest the posts are concentrated here, it’s very convenient, then I every morning at eleven a.m. and four p.m. here on top of the latest posts, but also to me every day website brought dozens of signature links. And I was informed, I basically the top of the post signature are included, that love Shanghai are a relatively high weight of the site included speed is still fast. However, sometime, a zenith when I was surprised to find that post signature has disappeared, I thought it was my signature by the moderator after my signature and canceled it, open the control panel to check, but found before a simple signature was divided into three different functions (e.g. Figure), the first is the text of the signature, the signature does not allow web site, allowing only the text. This to me is not, second is the signature of this picture, I didn’t use, third is to link the signature, is the place where you can add links, but have to pay 50 gold coins to normal display links every day. I have no link to purchase gold, link is not displayed.

said one day to see an article about the Dragon Lane site is local portal site to do a best in stationmaster net above, I think the website weight is very high, the signature would easily be included also love Shanghai. So I open the long lane forum, see the amount of post above every day forum over 10000, the atmosphere is very warm. So in the above a registered user name, upload picture and improve the other registration information, and the signature on a website of the anchor text links to my voice. I try to send a post, see the signature can normally display anchor text links signature, I set the heart Anxi, thinking that this would make a great, every day I just go to this forum to the top of dozens of new posts, will increase dozens of the chain, shuangwai. Then I go to work every day to this forum to top posts, every query love Shanghai chain has increased a lot, let my heart happy. Let me think that one morning I was ready to open the long lane forum top posts, just after the top of a post, see my signature has been shielded tips (Figure), hard top hundreds of posts made white, site outside the chain of all of a sudden reduction of 1000. Heart annoyed.

forum signature, believe that people are not familiar with the webmaster. Every webmaster all know and try to various forums to post and the top post, and then in the signature to bring their own links to their site to increase the chain, but how can your signature do, if you can guarantee good signature links can exist for a long time not to be the administrator or moderator deleted, it is a comparison of technical problems. In order to increase the signature link to my own voice, I also take a lot of detours.

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