Looking forward to the 2015 Shanghai Longfeng natural flow data and expected growth

on the other hand, the growth of 21% the proportion is also a good reference standard, can also be used to determine the proportion of the natural flow of a website which is in a reasonable state.

from the whole, natural flow channel growth has not slowed down, but almost every channel than the rest of the growth will be faster.


Through the comparative analysis of natural

, of course, is closely related to the natural flow of the occupied proportion and type of the site itself and other factors. For example, in the insurance and financial industry, the natural flow of the growth is relatively slow, and the same flow rate is the equivalent of PPC. But in another extreme case performance, such as medicine, health care, the ratio will be as high as 70% annual growth.

The rapid growth of

with this huge data growth compared to the growth rate of paid traffic is because the incremental data be cast into the shade, the whole channel of paid traffic declined by nearly 10%.

two point of view: the natural flow for a larger transformation contribution into the target site is whether consumer or registered

view: the natural flow has a great potential for growth of

generally, growth differences in traffic, many are reflected in the special nature of industry. In simple terms, for this type of tourism website or industry, the overall flow tends to have a ratio of about 50% is from the natural flow, but for the need to complete the online conversion website or industry, only 17% of the overall traffic flow is from the Shanghai dragon.

natural flow, it will also affect its share in the proportion of the overall site traffic. In the case of brand website analysis data, the natural flow of the proportion increased by 2.9 percentage points in 2014, a total of 21%. This increase is obviously insufficient even by other channels flow rate is to reduce the result of this remarkable growth potential of natural flow.

generally, many people think that all the traffic flow in Shanghai Longfeng channel, is a very important source of growth. But the need to confirm the relevant data of this point, it is difficult to obtain, especially compared with the precise digital pay channels, more difficult to witness. In view of this, search Dongguan Shanghai dragon in 2014 according to the analysis of a large number of industry website case data, the following data comparison and conclusion.

the 2014 annual Internet site data analysis, we found that the number of conversion from natural flow had increased 27% than before, especially in the electricity supplier website, the average conversion of natural flow rate increased by 40%, this figure also shows that in 2015 the annual flow data will be.

multiple brands of Web site traffic, only the year 2014, an increase of up to 19.8% data flow.

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