Long long tail keywords can attract more users to click

can bring traffic to the site by the long tail keywords, improve the site conversion rate, this is Shanghai dragon industry recognized fact, so how to define the long tail in the implementation of the specific process of the long tail? How long can be more in line with the user’s psychology? In order to bring more benefits to the site? Three words, four words or five the word

through such a test data analysis can be seen, although the long tail keywords longer search users rarely, but he can get the click rate is very high, because when the user search, search the site to its accuracy is very high, so the long tail word suggests the use of long tail words.



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from the top of the table, the importance of accurate search for SERP in the stronger, when users use the long tail word production when they will open the homing, more websites from search results page, click on the total average rate of 10 ranked 227% (3 words), long tail queries (4 words) is 233%, and the long tail queries (5 words) 249%, this phenomenon is because the search engine results page to meet the needs of users, and encourage users to visit a web site, find more accurate data.


information diagrams is about the length of the long tail keywords website hits, contrast obviously longer use keywords when users query, the result is more accurate, 4 words and 5 words of higher visibility query.

saw a group of information chart information recently on the Internet, feeling very profound, as shown in figure


. This group of

original source: 贵族宝贝lead Shanghai dragon.Cn station starting A5, please keep the effective link address, thank you

in order to get more accurate data conclusion, I made a bold attempt to use 10 long tail words, respectively 3, 4, 5 words to test the average click rate, the results are as follows:


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