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in E-commerce mall, the emergence of the shop successfully get consumers talent shows itself,? This has become a problem for those who choose to engage in e-commerce have to face. Shanghai dragon, also known as search engine optimization, the network marketing is undoubtedly a very wise choice. In the tide of e-commerce era, the traditional marketing way is obviously just by advertising be inopportune or inappropriate, the traditional media such as TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and other means, so that the effect of harvest has been greatly reduced, came into being under this condition more new network marketing, forum marketing, such as mailing lists, online advertising Links, exchange, and in these new methods can be said that the Shanghai Dragon (search engine optimization) is the most effective way of marketing, because those before the targeted users does not necessarily require businesses needed goods, is not a specific consumer groups, and the network marketing means if the improper use of often will cause consumer resentment, resentment, and when the Internet users use Google search, love Shanghai A search engine to search, they tend to search the goods have a certain degree of demand, so we can say that the search engine optimization and other network marketing more targeted, more likely to produce good results so as to improve the quality of the goods sold to the sales network and shop popularity, credit and so on fast.

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at the same time, compared with other network promotion methods, search engine optimization has absolute advantage on cost, because in the network promotion through the network advertisement, bidding promotion way, often need to promote a great cost, like Sina, YAHOO and other advertising in the portal to the cost is a costly can not afford the expenses for entering the e-commerce industry businesses, and for promotion in this way will affect their sales profits, or occasionally is feasible if things go on like this.

for Internet users accustomed to the survey results show that users use search engines when they often only pay attention to the first page of search results in front of the location and ignore after retrieval, and through the search engine optimization, businesses can put their search rankings to a more significant position in order to get more the attention of consumers, so the choice of the Shanghai dragon network marketing for their online shopping mall, shop network promotion, often get unexpected good effect.

in recent years, with more and more families have computer, the development of the Internet has reached an alarming rate, and online shopping is known as accepted. Whether large appliances, audio books, snacks or clothing, more and more consumers choose online shopping through the way to get the goods they need, Dangdang, excellence, Jingdong, where customers and other shopping sites to seize the e-commerce market great e-commerce fast for a time in our country, more and more a person with breadth of vision to join in the meantime, and get a great success.

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