Shanghai dragon love Shanghai know the indirect path optimization experience sharing

we are not seen for the platform to cheer for their own examples do not know, now I want to first contact, should be a drug is to be held before the game optimization. The requirements may be the site, blog entries, and they are given a few articles (posts), that is to put a few articles on optimization. It also very puzzled, about how to optimize the post! Later because of the drugs in the Internet is being Bifakouzhu, banned, so I decided not to do evil, so there is no problem about the post to participate in the competition, also did not think, although also have contact but has not seriously.


optimization love Shanghai know, using a key link to the past to do so much love, Shanghai will finds the word content presented, so when you fell in love with the sea search keywords will be the first time the presentation, most of us are useful to optimize. What about the love of Shanghai know, I think you should know! Love Shanghai know high weight, love Shanghai and the importance of their products, the relevant search ranking will be high, but if there is no other operation more, then the other relevant precise answers will take you to squeeze down the question and answer. Here do not know if you have not understand the point! The anchor text about the above problems in Shanghai even know to love

other countermeasures on site optimization, we achieve the purpose when fast direct optimization can not, then we will be out of the way, this is perhaps a lot of people say to use their own promotion, with the power of the platform to carry out their own website or product publicity of indirect, so there is and how to maximize the value of love the products of Shanghai, how to use the platform to promote and publicize their own websites and other articles. This will achieve their purposes, but in a different way, perhaps in the optimization effect is not obvious, only with the help of these, to grow their own, to make their own website or product to increase the opportunity to show.

contact the day before yesterday I accidentally in a comment in the forum to see, I saw his signature, that is connected to a love of Shanghai know, then post questions, the specific content is: "today to see this post, with the anchor text optimization in the sea look at know! He, with the anchor text is [a] business even to love Shanghai know, know you love Shanghai as can be imagined. Know the content is to promote some business circle! Just look at the first question, did not see the link! (or is there a link, or not), a link will not say no! If it do what explanation! "To see the discussion results. Today I watched some seem to understand.

know the love of Shanghai optimize up, benefit is not small, one is the most direct increase to show the amount of more precise, there is conducive to the promotion and publicity product or web site. Two if the link, so for your own website is a good outside the chain, leaving a bait for your web site. There is a customer will be guided.

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