Shanghai Longfeng both ranking and the conversion of several skills


from August 15th to August 22nd, due to the large number of original articles, let the search engine to give sustained weight, during this period, from the search engine traffic gradually increased. But an obvious question arises: in this period, website bounce rate is very high, almost reached 90%, that is to say, although the search engine has brought a lot of traffic, but visitors almost did not see how the content of the web site. They stay on the site for an average of 30 seconds.


some people engaged in the Shanghai dragon, in the operation of their website optimization, they do not realize that they have entered a vicious circle. That is too focused on rankings, but did not think the purpose of ranking is transforming transaction. The first study of this problem, because one of my clients come to me for help. He hope to improve their website ranking. So he published many articles on the site, but before he also contacted a number of Shanghai dragon knowledge, he believes that the release of a large number of original articles, you can easily complete the Shanghai dragon. He found a professional writing team, wrote many articles for their products, to set their own target keywords that appear to be high quality articles.

so, how to operate the Shanghai dragon, in order to maximize improve the conversion rate, so the potential customers back into

through the analysis of the noble baby Analytics traffic statistics, we found the target keywords specially created the target group received little attention. Also, I found that the site visits have obvious fluctuation in a month, indicating that apparently is not necessarily his ranking results produced in Shanghai dragon.

, a diagnostic problem

shows a month to site traffic.


, it achieved his aim. After the release of a large number of original articles, a lot of visitors to his website in search engine. He is very happy at first, but soon, he found that although the search engine traffic gradually increased, but did not increase his sales. That is not what the conversion rate. When he consulted me, I gave him the answer is very simple: search engine itself is not going to buy your products! Remember, optimization is for users, not for search engines.

August 22nd: after the search engine began to judge, although these articles are original, but not full.

: before August 15th this period site traffic is good, every day he released 15 to 20 original articles. Because of his name for a long time, has accumulated a certain weight, so it is given a higher weight search engine, keywords ranking is very good. But not what flow.

The results of


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