QQ space promotion tips and methods

is this point for the industry closely related to the specific time need practice to prove.

3. QQ space marked

is very important to the promotion of recent work in a QQ space, then in a period of time, but also slightly income. Now the average access to each log of the amount of space in more than 800, this is all from real users and real IP, and through the love of Shanghai can see statistics brought by the QQ space flow is objective, so that this work is very effective. So this article is to share what I do tricks QQ space and some small details, some owners have been used, it is dedicated to the webmaster.

2. QQ space and the choice of the right time


I think this a bit more important. Post QQ space has a direct impact on the promotion effect in what period of time. Or take the daily Le source Parenting Network for example, most of the mothers are now up early, according to my observation, most moms love in the morning on the Internet, because this time the child may not up, so mothers are also a little easier. He will choose this time to read this as part of a good group. For office workers, morning release information is more appropriate, but a gold in the morning at about 10 noon, and the effect of the worst, we are all busy with work or rest, the afternoon of the prime time point is at 16 p.m., you may be busy working, online reading.

do QQ products promotion and ultimately QQ group, but the problem comes, but who now QQ group advertising, was kicked out of the group’s risk as high as 90%, so this method should we not consider not to apply. So how to promote? Is not difficult, the purpose is to add the QQ group QQ friends, such as the daily Le source is the mother of industry, he needs to add a lot of maternal and infant group, then the members in this group will be the customer intention to me, so I chose to add her as a friend, so I to publish the article in the QQ space, she will be the first to know.

but some Adsense said, QQ friends can only add a certain number, so how to do? This is more simple, the answer is: to delete her. Yes, just in your list, delete it, let her know that you can guarantee the release of information, and you can continue to add friends, this method is quite troublesome, but the effect is good, is not righteousness, but no but.

1. QQ space and add group to

what you do in the end be able to bring the number of site traffic, this is our every webmaster want data. Of course, we have other work besides the space extension can also bring traffic, but in order to investigate.

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