Shanghai to promote the quality of love keyword optimization guide

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is suitable for PC search promotion additional style promotion:


optimization is through the promotion of quality, performance factors to affect the quality of. Specifically, we can optimize the ranking and optimize the target page and optimize three aspects of creative.

ranking directly affect the promotion of the results of the click rate. The left high ranking promotion results, more likely to attract users click. So the optimal ranking can significantly improve the quality of.

optimization of the target page is: according to the link to the page content of creative writing. The creative point, to find the access to URL links in Web pages.

The key of The applicable conditions of style

optimization page

1: optimization and promotion of landing page ranking correlation

wants to know about the quality of the optimization techniques, to sort out the quality of what are the influencing factors:

high quality of the benefits are: for advertisers, can obtain better rankings with lower click price, thereby reducing the overall cost of the promotion, improve the rate of return on investment. At the same time, improve the quality of the degree, the advertisement may jump left, increase the click rate. The search for users, users search more interested in, click on the more people, visitors experience better, the higher the degree of quality, to help improve the user experience.

we all know, ranking by quality and offer mutual influence. So when the degree of poor quality, increase keyword bid, get better ranking, so as to realize the quality promotion.

optimization ranking promotion landing page relevance and creativity, you can also pay attention to love Shanghai promotion to create a large number of attachment style for your promotion.

when the Internet was creative selling point to attract point into the web page, but can not find the corresponding content, most people will leave the site. The target page high bounce rate will affect the quality of the performance of Oh, it is not recommended to exaggerate, not true of the description in the creative.

love Shanghai in the promotion of quality is a key attribute, it is the love of Shanghai to promote the system according to the creative quality, click rate, account structure, the history of the account (the account into other keywords keywords time, account of the hit rate) of various factors such as the calculated value. In the accounts, the quality is divided into 10 levels, 10 stars and 1 stars is the difference is.

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Optimization of

second: inventory promotion style

they can make your promotion more attractive, promote the overall hit rate increase, and thus enhance the quality score.

optimization ranking

next, we will help the inventory of the various hits the additional style for your promotion.

ranking method

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