We must learn how to distinguish between what is natural links

some time ago Google enabled the penguin algorithm, which targeted those through the excessive Shanghai dragon means to improve website ranking. I heard a lot of foreign sites are affected in different degree, and the concept of excessive Shanghai dragon one of the most important. That is natural links, believe that the excessive use of Shanghai dragon means for ranking web site will receive a letter from Google mail, and e-mail is about the content of your site’s natural links problem. But Google is not clear about what is natural links, so some friends cannot read what is the natural link, so people often in the QQ group asked me what is the natural link, that today to explain. After you understand all of you on how to actually do the chain also have very good guidance function.

third, sources of dangerous

fourth, the correlation is not strong links

website keywords ranking is the most important one is the correlation, correlation refers to the contents, the two refers to the relevance of the link. If the user is to help you share and produce links should be a strong correlation, but if it is your own hair link, due to limited resources, you have to go to some place to send the chain related. Especially the chain that mass, flooding the chain of garbage and not.

first, the anchor text single

this is also very easy to understand, we often say that the chain needs extensive, if you want your site is the whole chain from several blogs or several forums, search engine is easy to judge whether you are your hair. If you are a popular website, there must be a lot of users in different places issued outside the chain. Not a single source, it is also an important factor to determine the non natural search engine links.

this is to say that your link is the source of some unreliable websites, such as link farms, black chain, some illegal kind of site, etc.. Like these sites outside the chain is not an ordinary person can get, so only through the special means to do it, since it is the special means it is against the natural links.

second, single source link

A factor influencing

the anchor text link that is in the station, also refers to the station’s. When I was at the end of last year, love Shanghai in the station anchor text unreasonable website for the blow. Like a lot of people doing before the station anchor text to love their core keywords to the home page. In fact, this approach is whether to search engine or users are no help, so this is to optimize one way too much. Standing outside the single anchor text is easy to understand, but also control the station. The chain like nature outside the station in Google understanding should be users to help you, at this time the anchor text link is completely controlled. If your text is the anchor chain of this single, it is easy to show you are human hair, this is contrary to nature.

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