The website was love Shanghai after punishment emergency self help five trick Xiangjie

In order to achieve the purpose of rapid

second strokes: site self-examination, detection in the chain, remove bad chain chain.

self-help, let love Shanghai is already being punished site as soon as possible stable weight, then the need to play the role of original content. The search engine is to provide the value of what they need to find the phase > for Internet users

third measure: content is king, the original awesome, increase the proportion of the original content.

love Shanghai search engine NO.1 Chinese is worthy of the name for our webmaster, to a certain extent we love Shanghai is the site of the "run", keyword ranking, the number of pages included, new snapshot which means more traffic, more revenue, so it’s like artificial intervention every act and every move, the search results have a direct impact on the site’s business, let us not have the slightest negligence.

in addition to the chain, the website internal link directly to the search engine optimization plays a very important role in Shanghai, was love down the right but also the use of webmaster tools, a comprehensive test of the site within the chain, the chain simulation whether there is a spider crawling site within the chain using detection tools, if the number of links how will affect the spider to crawl and grab web content, which is an important cause of the site right down to be punished. Once the death number reaches a certain degree, according to the test results to exclude bad chain, provide good conditions for the structure of the website search engine grab web content, then re submitted to a search engine website to return to a normal state.

is the most vulnerable to the chain of love a little reason to punish Shanghai website, search engine will be based on the website in the website content to crawl and weight when assessing the chain extent and their influence to make a judgment. At this point, there are many people to take the black chain of illegally obtaining high weight site such as government website links, some will use such means to get a lot of FTP intrusion site management links to obtain permission to join the chain, and these search engines focus on the object, so to avoid the unfair the practice of absolute. To keep the quantity and quality of the chain is stable, increasing regularity, the absolute end chain number fluctuations occur, in order to reduce the suspected of cheating.

but love Shanghai algorithm coupled with the artificial intervention constantly changes, the webmaster accidentally may be touched the red line and punishment, for keywords ranking drop, stop updating the snapshot, included reducing, SITE is not the first home page, the punishment for web traffic hit very serious and even fatal. Once this happens, as a webmaster can do is to deal with the emergency, take remedial actions, remove all may trigger love Shanghai punishment "suspected problems", use the following five strokes themselves, make the site out of love to punish Shanghai as soon as possible, restore the weight and included.

the first one: the stability of the chain, put an end to the black chain, reduce suspected of cheating.

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