You still are confined to the old idea of Shanghai dragon

new idea: good update, bad mood will not only update the content more, useful to the user.

good mood will be updated, not updated. Please rest assured, this Wang Shifan station to do a test, new and old station can, problems can be to shoot me. Of course, if working in the company, supervisor or boss for every day of the new data, then, according to their request to do, remember, only to update the useful information, pseudo original and how, my website can stick to the user, the search engine also flatter the user is god.

1. old idea: every time to update the original article.

Wang Shifan found that the personnel of the enterprise website optimization too much of the Shanghai dragon Manual: daily update + daily chain. In the face of such a routine, you ask yourself is not in use, if it is, please tell yourself "within a year, or if in accordance with such a routine to work, must be laid off!" said these words, Wang Shifan is not alarmist, but not the fact that curry favour by claptrap, and listen to me slowly to.


old ideas of "original content update" refers to what? Most enterprise website optimization personnel is a manipulation, to find information in digital library, and find the relevant information to the enterprise web site update. As a registered company, we find in books, and then copied to the site, to the second day Shanghai is indeed included. But, do you think useful? Useful to the enterprise website? Useful for enterprise potential customers? Useful for search engines? All useless, those not reflect the service content of the enterprise, the enterprise is not more potential customers need to find information, so that users do not need to search engine. What are you doing site? Drop right! K! This is why many of my friends asked Wang Shi fan "why my site is the original content, search engine is also included, but I drop right or K stand?" the reason.

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"every quantitative construction site outside the chain", a simple word, but tired N webmaster friends and Shanghai Longfeng workers. In the days before the chain resources shortage under the Internet environment, it is tired and tired. Despite this sentence, the liberation of their own! Shanghai dragon forum, IT forum, the forum of stationmaster everywhere outside the chain, can be used to exchange Shanghai dragon industry knowledge forum can have several? Not polite to say, only the Shanghai Phoenix Forum, basically is a chain of camp. We have no reflection? The chain, do in the forum signature, what good can enhance the weight of the rankings??? Or to the site to bring order? Estimated only advantage is to attract spider crawling, no other good

2. old idea: every quantitative chain.


new ideas: only lure users to browse the web site of the chain.

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