Why website keywords unstable

to plan ahead!

Shanghai dragon is itself in the game, the game object you please note! If you’ve got some popular keywords ranking, so would like to congratulate you, but need to be vigilant. Many newcomers entering Shanghai dragon industry will ask these questions: why website ranking is not stable? Site is K how to do? How much do an article in the chain right? Today I will talk about some reasons of website keywords instability.

third, the search engine database synchronization. This can explain the phenomenon often have different rankings in different regions. Because we are discussing data from hundreds of millions of trillion website, search engine will not all the data are stored in the same database. So, this means we are at any given time, the search only to see a large number of search engines in the database, and if the search engine in the database synchronization areas do not have real time, cause website ranking, is excusable. Now, this situation occur only occasionally, mostly have official database adjustment period.

of course there are some Shanghai Longfeng optimization misunderstanding, as many people think website traffic, website ranking will be in front. In fact, if not through the search engines let your site understand actual >

first, as the website optimization and promotion personnel in Shanghai Longfeng process has obvious subjective factors, so you can stop or increase marketing efforts, and the opponent is to stop or intensify, you cannot stop! Sometimes, you are not your website ranking good site in Shanghai Longfeng have done best, but opponents haven’t started or lazy. Besides, if you are one of the only search engine optimization of a party, so have a good ranking an easy job to do. However, once you go all out to catch up with rivals, the crisis came, I recommend Shanghai dragon

is the second, website base server performance is really important. Before not realise this, always feel that can open the web site can not. But if you have been tested, whether the different network environment friends can visit? Remember, the search engine spiders also with users like crawling, if your server suck, it is bound to be penalized. The Shanghai dragon blog chain a website ranking has been very good, because the space business reasons to file the site shut down, this was not what, but the status code returned is 404, the result is a tragedy, now the entire station is K.

finally, change the search engine algorithm. Please remember: you never know when to change the search engine algorithm! But there are still a lot of people to follow the search engine algorithm steps, often in order to clarify some minor adjustments on the search engine algorithm and the algorithm of sleepless nights, they are crazy! But I advised not to become a member of them. Website ranking fluctuations may be all the time, and we do not attempt to change or eliminate these factors, need not care too much.

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