The website of Shanghai dragon in external optimization process Links exchange matters

2: IP website. If you want to exchange Links site with your site happened to be a IP, it is best not to link, or search engine that is cheating.


1: high weight. If the weight of a web site is very high, but the domain name age is very short, the content and the chain is not good, so the whole weight of this website may be cheating, can not be considered.

4: go to the site to find Links competitors. Look at the other site Links, and then look at each other Links the Links. This way is quick.

how to find high quality Links

4: whether the use of iframe tags. The iframe tag is used to load it advertising, when loading resources may be used up all the available connection, if a site with large iframe tags, and Links nearby also use iframe tags, the best don’t change, because the search engines are usually not included in these.

3: the nature of the site Links. Whether the URL for pornography, gambling and other sites.

some people will say that in the website optimization process of unidirectional links is better, there can be many high weight website will give you a single? And single small sites to function with your site almost chain? Hangzhou Shanghai dragon to share several matters needing attention under the Links exchange.

1: the love for Shanghai. Through their own search engines to find relevant keywords, to find a suitable site click go to contact the website administrator that exchange Links matters.

3: join chain link exchange group. Add some of their website content with the same or similar QQ, YY exchange group, can be released and you want to find the chain resources inside.

6: whether to call the JS jump. Other web sites to you add Links whether to call the JS jump. If it is, so don’t do it, because the search engine grab JS code.

Links exchange notes

7: the other website chain. If a website is to rely on a large number of stations, the chain up, that this site is not suitable to do Links.

5: whether to use nofollow tags. To observe whether near each other web page code and head Links using nofollow tags. If used, it is not the exchange, the Links is not transmit weight. Here additional knowledge: NetEase and Sohu blog added nofollow tags, so don’t in this 2 blog post anchor text.

2: Webmaster Platform release information. In the link Webmaster Platform or Friendship Exchange release link exchange information, and leave contact information, interested people will contact you.

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