Zhang Li a beginners understanding of Shanghai Dragon

when I wrote this article I started my first website optimization www.bosheng.info combat, a client’s case, when doing this case I also think, this article I am to see who wrote to you, I think every novice look? Is this a dragon from Shanghai a process is over, and each have their own understanding of the novice, so I want to talk about my understanding of a beginner in Shanghai dragon. In the eyes of my predecessors Shanghai dragon even sand is not, not to mention the predecessors of fayan. So I decided that I send this letter to me and Shanghai dragon just started, so here is not professional Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, but their understanding of the. Chapter I is for Shanghai dragon force nearly 2 months to come into contact with me is a more professional term, search engine optimization in my work since then became the dominant web site, I often read about a website search engine optimization technology, technology and personnel article. Feel a site optimization is not very difficult, but anyone can learn the basis of these, just a lot of people know and implement, but the real Shanghai dragon than I saw on the Internet more.


Zhang Ligang has just begun to learn, master taught me the meaning of the code is HTML and domain name meaning and so on, he told me about a Shanghai dragon er must understand how a web site is established, and an important part of "the code is closely related to the optimization. I saw an article that "if you can’t finish manual code of a web site, then you are not a Shanghai dragon". Shanghai dragon circles predecessors would still give me a lot of knowledge.

is a Shanghai dragon Er we will need to know HTML code, control algorithm of search engine (Shanghai dragon and Phoenix are recorded in the ER they really need to know how much control they do search engines, each detail, algorithm analysis and test with the engine change at any time re recording, analysis, testing, to establish a link) (building links like sales, Shanghai dragon should know basic concept and application of link building strategy, but you will link building doesn’t mean you are a Shanghai dragon), analysis (if you want to know whether the optimization effect of the search engine, pray, that you have to learn to analyze website traffic analysis), follow the search engine rules (the rule of the search engine is for you Shanghai dragon strategy does not violate the rules or policies but most of their benefits and so on). This is the soft for optimization also play a corresponding role, but I have a very good example for the soft and the weight of this, I have a friend who is a PR=7 local portal site for a year, now every day is updated every copy of each big door soft, but also get a good ranking, close to the daily IP 100 thousand and he said to me, he is not particularly concerned about the quality of the content, a little bit pseudo, he only cares about the chain every day, released a large number of high quality the chain exchange of high quality friendship chain.

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