The website title or keyword in the on line error correction to find

may be part of webmaster see this title will feel unbelievable, actually the website in the on-line time due to negligence, impatient causes the title and keywords error phenomenon has always existed, and how to fix this error is the key to the following specific talk, if a site in the on-line time title or keyword the wrong choice how to fix this problem.

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website home page, the inside pages, the chain and so on are not

submit your site included, but when the site of the home page, the inside pages of the chain are not found at this time, the title of the site or the keyword error, the best solution is directly in the template or the background, modify site title and key words, this is the best way, convenient and fast, do not affect any local website.

4, to release a new weight outside the chain, can be in the A5 forum, Chinaz webmaster forum forum released every ten new chain.

by this method can make the new title and website keywords love Shanghai recognition, but this method must pay attention to: the web site’s home page, page is not love Shanghai included before use, if you have included so this method is no longer applicable.

in the website home page, the content has been included in the love of Shanghai, this time to modify title and keywords website is to carry out surgery on the site, and to minimize the loss, then you must modify the website title and keywords through several of the following methods:

website, the inside pages have been indexed by

if you are in this case found that the title of the site or keywords were wrong, so we can not modify title and keywords website in the website backstage or in the template, this time to do some minor surgery on the site.

1, the location of the web site, find out where you need to modify, for example, now the site title is: the biggest training examination network home, do you think this position is too broad, is not conducive to the optimization, you need to modify.

1, to modify the site keywords, keywords and then modify the chain, keyword based release link anchor text.

website home page, page is not included, but has released the chain

The title and keywords of Methods

2, there are about 10 keywords of the anchor text link, to estimate the time of about 3 hours and then the title of the modification, and this time the title change of not more than 5 words, more than cause the site to be search engine trust.

When the

3, find out the release of the chain, then the chain of these sites to re edit all keywords, get rid of the site, plus its modified title.

If love Shanghai

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