Experience the hazards of using super chain tools to bring the

OK, I admit, want to save some strength in the website optimization on the road, but the fact is that, in the station on the way to be a little sloppy, not steal a little lazy. We all know the website optimization, in addition to their own content to the original accident, the chain will continue to increase, especially the quality of the chain, it is absolutely the webmaster dream. But bitter we do the chain often face two embarrassment: either a good website not on us, or small website, we can’t see them. So a tool came into being, this is the super chain tools. But here I advise you, it is best to stay away from this kind of tool, or your site will be following me to no end of trouble for the future, these days of experience to share with you.

to tell you the truth, brought this automatic propaganda effect is very accidental, because you stay on the website of the time is very short, because people in the brush when will bring you the top down, but if it is when you stop, search spiders crawl the page, this is direct brings you an effective chain. You brush more than 2000 web site, at least hundreds of websites leave your outside chain, that is to say you outside of the chain increased 100, the number of the chain is too frequent, search engine will think you >

1, the chain will directly lead to frequent right down

a few days ago, suddenly think of to try these tools in the end there is no use, so I took the gold brush blog for two days, the effect is very clear, but obviously, look at the various site parameters following the change that the usefulness of this tool:

about this automatic propaganda principle! As we all know, the free online webmaster tools, such as integrated query, Shanghai Longfeng query, whios query and so on, are query records, that is to say when you query finished, your site will remain inside his record, sometimes even the query page stays for a period of time in his, this is the automatic tools to achieve the effect of publicity.

traffic site decreases, you may think it is not what is directly linked with the automatic propaganda tool indeed, but my main source of the website is search engine, if the site traffic continues to decrease, that weight of my site has been constantly reduced. I wonder why a website in order to increase the weight but with the tools that will lead to the decrease of weight? This is my site visits the change.


!Changes in the number of

is not only the site visits, site index, and the number of sources of keywords is also dwindling, this time in the weight of the website are declining, why is this the truth? It is what I thought, I finally understand why this will happen the following is the harm caused by the phenomenon, I summed up the use of super propaganda or attention is

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