Keywords mining and layout of the site core

here is our main work of Shanghai Longfeng website construction, mining and analysis of long term, we need to pay attention to is the long tail word, not just confined to the so-called keyword tool swept out of the word, if you do some products of the enterprise station you will find the tools, with extended out words also dozens of Web site updates so you end these words and how we can extend? Here we use Jinhua mining webmaster tools, such as:

here we compare concern by users, industry, type of keywords, title settings, here is the classified keywords, and then find out the relevant keywords layout to our column (for example: a women’s clothing to buy Taobao station, navigation column can be combined, women’s brand, fashion models, winter ladies, ladies, so affordable row). Here the word to navigation and keywords navigation related parts of speech, the weight of the high share in the website, so the navigation layout can not be sloppy.

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Keywords layout of the site in the

, we must pay attention to the core keywords, is not fine is much, the weight of each page is certain, too many keywords, can only make the website optimization more difficult. Not only for the general page two or three key words are optimized in content planning, more targeted.

keyword is the site of the core keywords is one of the basic mining site can get good rankings, the keyword is selected according to your site’s theme determined.

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first analysis is three to five words in the most most popular keywords and user attention, as the core keywords web page optimization (according to their own needs to optimize the resources, the keywords competition degree analysis, the choice of words, it can be optimized in the selection) is the core keywords also need to pay attention to the same, need analysis of industry website, find out the similarities and differences reflect their own. In fact, we can be understood, the main keyword is to use your own brand word matching core keywords website optimization. For example, I do Wuhan Shanghai dragon, the word Wuhan, Shanghai Dragon Star Nobel blog = Wuhan Shanghai dragon Xingnuo blog to form their own brand of words. Were closely related to the core keywords, you before this and you must set the keywords.

is here to tell you a practical method, using the internet hotspot, combined with your industry website updates, and this website article, but we all know that the timeliness will have a very good ranking, so you can update articles to attract more people to browse, access more audience driven website ranking is inevitable. Here is the long tail word subject extension >

, a master key, the layout of

three, the long tail word mining, layout

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