How to do the chain to become effective chain effective quiz chain

fifth, if your peers are also doing your products ask what should we do? What we are leveraging the power of this move is very useful. Don’t underestimate, we can make the most good peer products and our products are put together so that our products have also been improved on the right, see his customers our competitors will also see our products, there will be a webmaster friends asked. Do you know why customers will see? I’m not guessing.

today we are here and we talk about how to let you ask the chain to become effective chain. Of course, our webmaster friends do the chain is to let our website chain more then in the search engine to get better ranking, let the website weight is improved so as to achieve our goal. The chain is not to do the chain and the chain that many owners do not understand. Don’t understand to look down, I wrote how to do the chain which is "how to a site outside the chain of the chain you plan how to make gold chain" in this article I wrote about the importance of the gold chain become chain and how to make your chain become gold the chain in the blog, ask the chain is no exception. As long as we pay more attention to these free high quality resources can also be used by us. But how many people can make good use of these resources as can be imagined. We make every link under the effects are what this link is likely to become our gold link right. Only do links have the effect to the site outside the chain to play a supporting role on the right. Said that only one purpose is to ask the chain to make the chain. The start method.

fourth, answering skills is very important, many people ask can send a bare answer on the above effect such as can be imagined, we cannot let our answer do some modification? Let him look natural. It is not good for


second questions is very important, some people say I answer questions, I told you that opportunity is very small, but your answer is by chance is very small. Right, even if your answer can be adopted what and how many opportunities waiting for you? Very few, isn’t it? To learn how to create their own opportunities, so that you can learn in Shanghai Longfeng optimization industry more and more away. The search engine in this industry are engaged in various types of work in continuous learning, continuous efforts to harvest that you agree?

third, if their products find their own position in the quiz? It does not know how many friends do ask note that this is a very important point. Is the answer to the classification, classification and find the most relevant to your product, if you can find the product that best classification, this also answers quality than you do about Q & a much higher quality.


first, do ask and answer questions related to the chain of words and not too little, you have only ten words how the rankings are not very good, you agree with it?

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