Case analysis information website using love Shanghai billboard drainage

, two, illustrated the wayWe all love to see

startling step by step

reasonable use of hot events to lead flow every day to watch love Shanghai emerge in an endless stream, billboard became a lot of habits, for a relatively high weight of the site, it is easy to put some hot events into traffic, as long as their intentions to do an article, perhaps every day can bring thousands of flow, one thing which is unmatched by many owners, after all, their website no weight, even with the then popular articles, the search engine will not give good rankings, analysis of information website is how to use love to Shanghai billboard drainage below.

The key of

beautiful things, an article is written to fill the page, it sure if with a few feel dull as ditch water, beautiful pictures up, so this effect may be able to remind the user’s interest in reading, for example, the information network is reasonable tea station placed two Zhang Jimei set up to let the user does not produce visual fatigue, to search engine, and also a good optimization method.

love Shanghai index in recent months:

which is related to whether an article can get traffic, such as "watching a startling step by step, find and match your temperament, this article fine tea", is the combination of tea and characters, such as: four the elder brother temperament, thirteen elder brother tea tea may express is not very temperament. The ideal, but this creative description will attract users to read an article, so as to reach the site to increase the amount of traffic, must first consider the user’s reading, only.

love Shanghai billboard today search: 137818 last seven days: 864609 today ranking: 6

three, the article show the contents of the

Key words:

introduction: "startling step by step" adapted from the novel of the same name Tong Hua Qing wear. Is the recent hit TV series


web site of the title of "watch the startling step by step, find and match their temperament, cleverly exquisite tea and tea were startling step by step the words together, this is not only to type their own website, but also achieve the optimization goal of key words, although the very popular keywords startling step by step in general, the site is no way near the top of the screen there are many large websites in front of the queue, we can gain some traffic from the long tail keywords.

here to talk about a tea class website if with a movie name together, so as to optimize the overall effect:

, a website title written

site optimization type: tea category information website

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