B2C mall optimization guide eight steps to build a successful B2C website


Keywords site procedures

B2c Shanghai Longfeng optimization guide is my feeling online without authority on optimizing B2C data writing a document. Whatever you want to do B2C individuals or companies will therefore benefit.

I often see some cases, such as a watch website, finally from the sale of cosmetics, selling up bags. I believe that such a change is not appropriate, because you look like a grocery store. Of course, if you are powerful, of course you can open a store, but you can not be like a grocery store. This is the website positioning.

in our country, shopex and ECSHOP is the value of the recommended two, you can choose one.

determine your home page according to the website of your location, such as you are selling watches, it is very simple, if you want to become the watch industry’s largest online shopping mall, your website keywords is relatively broad keywords, such as watches.

for example, I am now ready to sell watches. What is my position? You need to consider hundreds of factors to locate your site, for example, is your own production of small products, you are only those styles, your human is not a lot, so your location is a small website selling watches.

I often see, some people put keyword classification page layout to the home page, such as

need to locate your site in the early stage, then what is the location? Is very simple, you want your website is a website what position, this is very critical, for example, are you ready to sell those products on the Internet, will now sell those products, will reduce will increase?. After some complicated factors to consider, you can reach, after your site will be in what position in the internet.

you are developing their own website program? Back or use open-source program? I recommend to use mature open source program. Of course, if you are strong enough, you can also set up a team of their own development process, but if you need to develop procedures, it may take several years to have a strong program.

if you are also agents of the well-known watch brands, abundant funds, manpower is abundant, then your position is lofty ideals and high aspirations, a large comprehensive watch store.

three, to determine how many words and columns according to the website of the product, and the distribution of keywords.

A After

was elected the program, need a set of exquisite template, with your site style, also has a good user experience.

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B2c optimization preparation. To determine the site location and program.

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