Five daily habits improve website rankings and chain

don’t create content and create content. Instead, you should make sure that the article is relevant and professional, high quality. This is a good habit to the most effective and will surely return.


3) re written introduction

good daily habits are good for you. If you have the correct brushing, eating, exercise, daily drinking water, you will improve health. As for digital marketing. If you can start some daily habits to improve website rankings? Some simple operations will lead to the success of the enterprise.

4) add a new paragraph in the article

through daily modifications one or two articles, you can give the injection of new life, have more links to show more, so as to enhance the entire site condition.

like all things, the content will be out of date. Even if your content is permanent, but I still advise you to make some changes.

write a thing is the most time consuming but the most valuable.

long form content can get higher ranking, but also require a longer time to write. If you spend at least one hour a day of time to write, you should create at least two a week long article or more.

Time required: 10 minutes

2) to change the article in H1 H2 tag

modify the old article

wrote and published an article that




Time required: 1 hours

6) delete important paragraphs

often changes the content are more likely to rank higher. From the beginning of 2007, Google launched the algorithm more "QDF" (fresh content query value) features, the idea is to give a query the latest date of publication of the search results. The goal is to provide users the latest information on a given topic to provide users.

can learn the following things

9) share your article to get more active users

7) to write the conclusion

1) with more relevant keywords to change the title of the article

the creation of new content is the only way to bring traffic to the site the best.

a daily habit of promoting Shanghai Longfeng and will have a great market success. Some of the following practices required daily operation:

why do you need to update the old

to get links from the new website

5) adding links to other sites link to the new

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