Cause analysis of Shanghai dragon Er are not to be underestimated 360 must focus on 360 Search Searc

Senmao science and technology search on the BD no 360 search 360 drop-down box, which shows the effects of the current insufficient attention is limited, it is also just beginning but I expect that in the near attention and visibility will improve.

3. key:

I think after

1. that my first 360 comprehensive search experience:

A lot of

is used on the whole is good, and the previous 360 product style, the whole page is not what a big change, the key is to look at the Shanghai dragon of search results, because I’m a dish, not on the 360 search engine principle and so on further analysis of the system, it can only rely on A5 the master had a jar.

2.360 comprehensive search the degree of concern at this stage is not enough:

when I first saw the 360 search in a customer there, there is a news show 360 search information, I guess 360 to engage in the search engine, what situation ah, no in-depth view, open the A5 forum home see several comprehensive search information on the 360, I also generally looked on start using 360 search engines, in fact I do not work, good is the kingly way.

China Internet users is white for the search engine can be said that many users do not need to manually enter the information website, people who want to understand the relevant knowledge unless it may open the corresponding website directly enter the URL to want to query, but most users of China computer proficiency is not good, is what is what. I believe that there are a lot of people in China, so 360>

? The binding effect 360

search results on the whole and BD ranking of 65% identical, because they are comprehensive search may be comprehensive all things together, but there is the weight of old domain and information to a comprehensive search website and a list of 360 sites, so the package of the new domain name may be lower 360 search rankings and this is an initial product, the latter may also strengthen many aspects, but the 360 release of the first search again, I personally think it has achieved a stage of success.

Senmao technology recently found that 360 of the search is the fire ah, our novice Cougerenao, express my personal meaning, if there are mistakes please pat, you must not give us a lot of points, will be improved, here thank you in advance for, nonsense is not much, in today’s theme "why not 360 to search for the new force"

products 360 are free of charge, especially the 360 anti-virus and security guards of these two products is very high popularity in late 360 will put 360 comprehensive search bundled into his security guards inside, so the stability of users will be huge, why?

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