How do enterprise stand stable keywords ranking



1. web space

is not intended to do within the chain rankings, many CMS system has the function of program, only keywords polymerization of the same article, and not related to the demand is recommended. My personal feeling is not very good, I used the manual recommended, the main purpose of the 1. users reading this related needs, meet the user read to the end of the 2. contact demand.


I have been adhering to the principle is to add the contents of the "want", I am doing sales work, will meet the customer put forward all kinds of problems, dig out the needs of users, finishing the corresponding article. This is not very good to do an original, written in a station in Shanghai Longfeng angle, can add pictures and pictures that can add video and video page, do the richness of your peers is not only the text, you have more difference advantage, I write this article is: "segmented, short sentences, read fast".

stable keywords ranking is the middle of website operation, today I took the operation of ecological wood website to share with you, I is how to do keywords ranking, the first 1-2 of your site keywords ranking on the home page.

station in the search engine perspective, why the search engine algorithm is constantly updated, because users change and demand change, the search engine in order to better meet the needs of users, constantly adjust and improve the user experience. Your site is standing in the user’s point of view, to meet the needs of users? If you pursue Ranking Ranking? This is our reflection, say so much nonsense to tell you: standing in the user’s point of view to do the work.

2013 with love Shanghai algorithm updating algorithm to update every time, see Shanghai dragon practitioners forum, group, talk about the most is the ranking up and down, the site was K, ranking floating, ranking do not complain, that if you stop and think about why me? Why why ranking is not stable, fell..

users can read very comfortable. Update frequency according to the actual conditions of 2 days, 3 days a week, etc.. To ensure the steady growth of station data, remember: the ranking is up on the matter, three days two days net.


2. content quality and update frequency of

enterprise website, generally adopt a virtual host, recommend the best use of network space, if your web site keywords ranking up, traffic will become large, you need to ensure the stability of the space, if the site often isn’t open, even if you and the ranking of the first, he will fall down, this is the basis of. We can love Shanghai tools to test the space velocity, suggestions are more than 85 points in Unicom telecom.

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