Each site should seize the chance to fall in love with the sea

in fact we see this title was confused, here to explain. We all know that love Shanghai click principle, is also the top twenty websites can enjoy the click principle. If your website in the top twenty, if you click on more than the first, then tomorrow to update your ranking will be to love Shanghai home. This is the legendary click principle, we may ask what does this have to do with a chance to love Shanghai. Because of this opportunity principle is according to the principle to click. Because the search engine only your website mentioned on page second first page to know your website user experience is not better than the current page of these websites.

impressive art just make people feel the real value and find everything fresh and new, not. If you want to have a real value to the users, we also need the content. Can attract or to solve the user difficult content, which is required by the user site. Of course, this is a function of demand, of course, if we can meet. First time users are satisfied, the next encounter similar problems I believe will come to our website again.

if you are selling products of the site, you must clear their site’s core competitiveness. To express their core competitiveness, that is to say to the user a reason to choose our website. For example, either you or a good service, good quality, low price and so on either. Our rural words you must have a three sihde.

said these are some things about the user experience, these things should be done well in the early stage, but today we want to say is love Shanghai give us this a chance to enter the home page. >

means that each site as long as you can with the strength of the top twenty, but this time the search engine will give you a chance to enter the home page. The observation and practice of many sites and keywords that experience. In fact, of course, when the site into the top twenty, this time not to fight the update and the chain. The chain can only help you squeeze into the top twenty, but it is very difficult to help you in love with Shanghai home. The reason is because of the principle of the principle and click, click on is how to do, click on the principle is based on the principle of the user experience and come. You want to, when a site is when users click on the more, this is of course the users love the site. The search engine is such a judgment, the above is to tell you clearly principle. The next is to give you some practice.

said some of the experiences of author in these aspects, the author observed a lot of websites and keywords. When you can enter the keywords from page second page when the first day we may feel very fresh, never seen this website. Look at the others and what is not the same place, the first time may enter. But if the first time you cannot attract people, give people a good impression, they may never give up your web site. So in this respect our website in terms of style or art must be impressive.

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