Exchange website optimization Links when you need to pay attention to what the details


webmaster tools, the other side of the transmission. You can see into the basic information of the site, to see the first love Shanghai love Shanghai weight, weight can determine the level of a web site quality, the higher the weight that the love of Shanghai site optimization do better; and then look at the domain name age, see this website built how long if the time, a very short, but included and the traffic volume is high, it would have to be careful, this may be a short-term profit website.


two, the flow of Shanghai and Shanghai love love

is the most intuitive point of a website is to see the love of Shanghai included the number, the greater the amount collected, indicating that the site traffic will bring more and better the website optimization. The chain is the same, the number up, the quality of the whole site will go up.

love Shanghai shows how much traffic website traffic statistics in the days, the higher the better flow effect of their own website; a part of love Shanghai snapshot is also very important. Love Shanghai to see a website, is to look at the frequency of updates within the site, a site is updated every day, with a monthly update time, visiting frequency of love in Shanghai is not the same, if your site is updated every day, every time you love Shanghai to search the website can be detected by the new in the article, the love of Shanghai on this site will generate goodwill, visiting times are more and more frequent, Shanghai will be a Monday for love snapshot or better is two days for a change, these are reflected in the love of Shanghai snapshot.

every time we just open a web site, see a row of other sites in the bottom always, this is your site chain, and how can we find the right links? A few points to see each other website:

Shanghai dragon

it’s notice should be in the friend exchange chain, you want to find a good friend chain, to find all the data above your own website.

three, love Shanghai included and anti chain

of course, you look for friends of the chain website of others, if you love Shanghai snapshot within a week, the other side of love Shanghai best in half a month, in addition to half a month, it is necessary to carefully manage their website, may very lazy.

exchange Links can give their website ranking promotion, send original articles within the site relative to add links, a chain of benefits is much higher than the benefits of dozens of articles. When we exchange chain, the most important is to analysis whether the site of others and their own websites match.

website promotion website promotion



, a web siteOpen the

The basic information of

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