A5 Optimization group comprehensive website Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic manual

at present, most of the enterprises in Shanghai dragon know very little, with the liberal boss after seen Shanghai Longfeng effect, one is the choice of the Shanghai dragon outsourcing company, is a choice of Shanghai Longfeng staff professional, but a lot of the time, the two Shanghai dragon have encountered a problem: Shanghai the Dragon is unreasonable and there is no clear direction in Shanghai dragon. Because they are not targeted for understanding the direction of corporate profits, may have a preliminary understanding, but only on the charge of speculation, the speculation really got the actual work is not enough or even terrible.

1, Shanghai dragon direction of unreasonable selection of

at present, enterprise website is a kind of stand up, small and medium-sized enterprises also need to carry out network marketing through the Shanghai dragon this very cost-effective way, but the lack of correct choice in Shanghai Longfeng road. Especially for the enterprise website of Shanghai dragon, in many cases, internal risks and external performance is echoed, is very typical, this time we need to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, this is our A5 optimization group (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon) to do Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic service of the mind, to solve the hidden Difficult miscellaneous diseases for the majority of enterprises with the most professional knowledge, let Shanghai Longfeng enterprises to make better use of network marketing.

enterprise station easily met in Shanghai Longfeng in question is very typical, one is because Shanghai Longfeng staff is not professional, technically not able to provide the most professional solution for Shanghai Longfeng marketing purposes, especially when some difficult problems will be at a loss what to do; the two is Shanghai dragon is out of touch, this department is a new department in the enterprise, not pay attention to, in addition to Shanghai dragon Er mostly engage in technology for communication to the poor more, many departments and cohesion is not enough; the three is for the product understanding is not enough, can not take the best strategy of Shanghai dragon. These kinds of problems for our website optimization brings many problems, one is the direction, is a push, one is the implementation of. May these problems are not technical, but a simple Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, then take some strategic adjustment, make enterprise website of Shanghai dragon is more reasonable.

enterprise website Shanghai dragon must do Shanghai dragon positioning, positioning is the key to profitable direction, especially when the enterprise has a number of products, enterprises can suggest product keywords to split up, focus on the selected direction, do so together, accurate self promotion, can grasp the direction of Shanghai dragon. As the enterprise, must be timely communication and Shanghai dragon company or Shanghai Longfeng workers communicate the latest direction of their earnings, and starting from years of experience, choose the best keywords, let the key operation, quickly realize the value of Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon is diagnosis and corporate communication, grasp the direction of enterprise profit, to do good positioning, Shanghai Longfeng policy >

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