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contact Wangzhuan, that is the end of 2004, at that time, the first time to know the original network can make money, the mood is full of curiosity and excitement. In fact, that time, including mail making money, click to make money, and other projects have long been prime time. If I’m not mistaken, in 2001 before doing this project to earn a beam with joy. The price was very high at that time. But now that you miss it, look straight ahead. So, began to become someone else’s downline. Every day to go down the various forums. I remember doing the famous cashdelight, cashclicking and other projects. Also pulled dozens of referrals, can also deduct some commissions every day, and also hang hundreds of resource stations with pe. But I didn’t receive any payment because I gave all my accounts to net friend before I could pay. at the time that I am sure I can do it to pay, but can not think of referrals, most unreasonable referrals wangzhuan. So I don’t want to do it anymore, though I didn’t pay for it, but now I feel like I’m earning a lot of money. Because it is from that time, began to do web site, began to understand that the network can make money. In the next day no Wangzhuan should say is not narrow Wangzhuan day I started thinking about trying to get revenue through the website operation. Among them, station, movie station, website station, lattice station, entertainment station, stationmaster station, industry station; in a variety of attempts, even if there is no income, but lost money to go in, but also feel worthwhile. Because in the station to learn a lot of new things, to gain more experience, broaden their horizons, and realize a lot of fun.

so when I make money online again, I’m more aware of the joy of standing, sharing experience and information, just like blogging. It’s also a good feeling. So webmaster Wangzhuan forum to talk about Wangzhuan from a variety of angles, website operation, website promotion, SEO, blog, make money advertising alliances will be involved, where is my experience, most will write out. While enjoying myself, I try to provide as much reference as possible to my friends who are still serving food. Finally, summed up a word for you: take the experience of mind to do Wangzhuan, only in this way can realize the Wangzhuan fun, feel wonderful fun internet.


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