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build up between consumers and businesses on both sides of the contact point three is the biggest platform through the addition of a "promotion of entrepreneurship" link, open the excellent way of thinking a passenger model, for the majority of entrepreneurs to help achieve the entrepreneurial dream. The platform brings together the industry information line, gathered a number of entrepreneurial talent, the platform only needs to pay 100 yuan to become the three consumption through a passenger, every consumer can get rewards, recommend membership or businesses, but also to obtain higher percentage return. Rich entrepreneurial profits attract customers to expand and expand, greatly stimulating the initiative and enthusiasm of creative customers, so as to help the store to promote and help users solve the problem

according to our policy, one can put up the page:

wave of mobile Internet is profoundly changing the society, and the "sharing economy" as one of the beach goers are also subvert our perception of the traditional business forms. From travel, travel and accommodation to personal consumption and many other segments, the trend has affected the lifestyle of hundreds of millions of chinese. With the vast amounts of information on the Internet, sharing economy realizes the integration and transformation of the supply side and the demand side, service and share multiple identities, social collaboration configuration more optimized, more efficient to social resources, "public entrepreneurship, innovation" provides a lower threshold, more and more large platform the space.

now we’re here to answer these questions:

1. a page up to how much an ad unit?
2. an account can put ads on the number of Web sites on a website?
3. can put in a number of publishers of

pursuit of wealth is often the driving force for many people to start their own business. The prosperity of the market economy and changes in consumption patterns have increased social wealth and added infinite possibilities for entrepreneurship. However, entrepreneurship is bound to be a hard process. Many people are still climbing on the high threshold of entrepreneurship because of their lack of strength, and many entrepreneurs are trudging through the rough road of starting their own businesses.

also note that each AdSense to any website placed its advertising code responsible for the contents are released. If a site in violation of our policy, we will be on the site of all advertising publishers.



if you are the site owner or the owner of the site allows you to display ads on its website, you can place your ad code and other publishers advertising code is placed on the same page, all publishers advertising units can not exceed the total number of 1 in the limit problem. But please note, you must have permission for the site owner can advertise on another website, any unauthorized advertising acts are violations of our policy, we found a publisher account will be disabled.

three through response to the mass consumer online payment habits, as long as the installation of three mobile phone through APP, scan code can conduct safe and efficient payment. As a result of the promotion power that includes businessman, this platform still can bring more favourable discount for the consumer. Secondly, the three seasons has opened up a Easy Access convenient service demand, as long as the demand for the release of the platform is a key, service businesses or personal orders, queuing for tickets, on behalf of the act, all easily solved.

in this round of our tour, there are many publishers to ask about advertising restrictions, mainly includes three aspects:

leveraging the sharing economy in the East, Shenzhen City Road Network Development Co. Ltd. according to the increasingly changing consumption habits and entrepreneurial ideas, establish the value of entrepreneurial development very convenient consumption platform — "three seasons". The platform to facilitate payment services and convenient information services as the carrier, through the creation of customers as the dominant, driving businesses and consumers to form ABC promotion model. The constant fragmentation of consumer groups and the positioning of differentiated patterns have made it a sustainable and competitive platform for markets, as well as sharing the economy as another blue chip for entrepreneurship.

3 AdSense for Centent ad unit, and the advertising unit format without special requirements, you can put on the advertising unit of the same size.
There is no limit on the number of

accounts for a US advertising website. As long as you have the right to have the website management, advertising on the site of the right, and the site in accordance with our policy, you can put ads on these sites.

In addition to the advertising?

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