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registration company submitted materials, you can choose online and offline two ways to submit data, offline submit before you can make an appointment in the industry and commerce online, need 5 working days or so.

at last, after the application materials have been reviewed and approved, they need to bring the original registration letter of approval and the identity card of the legal person shareholder, and obtain the business license from the trade and industry bureau. Under the circumstances of individual management, the originals of the business license and the original identity card of the legal representative should be carried out and designated for the departments concerned. If the legal representative cannot come to the scene in person to receive it, he shall bring a "seal of attorney" signed or sealed by the legal person to collect it. usually necessary are the official seal, financial statements, and corporate chapters. The contract and invoice chapters may be considered according to their own circumstances.

at first glance, the registration of a company process is not trivial, why the operation of the frequent occurrence of

1 provide basic information and verify the enterprise name

then, do you have any shortcuts in providing basic information and name approval? Cattle island has summed up a number of frequently asked questions for reference:

1. range of experience

What is the name of the

bid for money, in fact, a wide range:

3. company, the registration area, and the registration address?.

2. who owns the legal person, how much is the registered capital and the proportion of each person’s contribution;

secondly, submit application materials and wait for confirmation.

registration company is the first step in entrepreneurship, but also a trivial matter. Entrepreneurs need to know what to do, how long will it take, to prepare the materials, so as to win, quick step.

first of all, the first step is the basic information that an enterprise needs to provide.

most of the time I love to buy after the medium flow, after all, the price cheap, the conversion rate can also accept, profit is still very OK, the purchase flow naturally need to consume money, this is a factor of second, financial problems.

2: medium flow such as: outside chain flow – transform general

need to do the bidding website, can not be said the site is absolutely not, but the site is absolutely possible, once by a NetEase to sell some of the master’s video blog, good effect when profits reached 1200 a day, of course you have website better, their website won’t let others go to Copy. On the web page is more than good, let others Copy a page is tens of dollars to solve this domain name, do not say it, a domain name with the space.

2 submit application materials and wait for confirmation of

sum up, we can see that the enterprise name approval notice after the follow-up process completed more than half. In cattle Island, if the material is complete, the end of the nuclear name, fifteen basic work days can be achieved, the company registration is completed including one card, three chapters.

1: garbage flow such as: popups – conversion rate is very low,

3: you can import your L P to buy your products or services by buying traffic on some ad alliances, such as CPC, click alliances, switching chains, alliances, etc..

What kind of company does

1: you can buy traffic through the search engine, and then import into your Landing page landing page, hereafter referred to as L P to sell their products or services. Such as: shlf1314’s Adwords, sh419 promotion, Sogou promotion and so on.


operations is generally expressed in terms of goods or services

auction model it, perhaps some people think that it is very advanced, very difficult, everything is a comparison point, a lot of things really is that thing, you just don’t understand, think it is difficult, here is actually bidding profitable first conditions – confidence, many people have no confidence, that he did not do this thing, there is a saying: "nothing is difficult, if you put your heart into it, if it can, iron rod into a needle or for some foundation is relatively poor, no experience of friends need to work a little, the slow need to start early. Mody, oh.

Shanghai cattle Island niurendao since its inception, the service of tens of thousands of small and medium enterprises. Today, let’s talk about the quick tips for registering a company.

1. set up? What kind of business is it? What are its business scope?

is a natural flow to buy an indispensable factor in the bidding, but also a very important factor, people have 3.6.9 points, natural flow also has 3.6.9 points, I would call: garbage flow, secondary flow, accurate flow.

2: you can buy ads on some websites and import them into your L P to sell your products or services. Such as: portal advertising, advertising forum, top posts etc..

from the overall process of view, to register a company, generally divided into the following steps:

The scope of

although Liu Erchuang contact for this thing relatively late, for many people is the younger generation, but still encounter many new problems of all kinds, but today, under the conditions of the first to have money for.

In fact, ?

3: accurate traffic for example, search, click – conversion is impressive,

3 receive business license, engraved chapter

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