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Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

union advertising revenue increase, one is to rely on to show the amount of show amount up, click on the chance to go up, income naturally go up. So all we have to do is to increase the volume of presentation, that is, to increase the PV of your website. Generally speaking, the blog IP:PV proportion is generally 1:3, BBS is 1:5, CMS is 1:6, so in the same IP, get the biggest PV is CMS, so we start doing station >!

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most people do the station in order to make money. There are many ways to make money through the website, but for the grass roots stationmaster who just started, the way to make money is narrow and not easy. Find cooperation, pull support, write soft text and other methods, really not suitable for just started the site, so how can grassroots Adsense to make money? Below I according to my own experience to say a few points:


, check with the webmaster, please.

2. new way

see ads8/paylist.php

, that’s what I’m trying to say. Most Adsense have applied for advertising alliance, put the code, improve website traffic, you can make money, but the same is done League advertising, everyone’s income is very different. That’s the problem with putting skills on. The forum is often asked whether to increase the click through rate of advertising. This is a question that everyone is concerned about. Here I talk about my own experience.

3. affiliate advertising

, this is the most direct way to earn money, sit on the link, five minutes after getting the money, as long as you included more, snapshot new, you can sell links, this method of making money quick, simple. Weakness is not stable, has a great impact on the station itself, why people buy links, because his station can not obtain the high quality the chain through the normal way, but also is the profits, so they buy costly links, improve search engine rankings, get traffic, increase income. What kind of station, we all understand, and the result is clear to everyone, one day you will be implicated, so if you want long-term stable development, it is recommended not to sell links at will. I know a person, he spent 800 yuan to buy a PR4, included 3000 of the forum, used to sell links, the first month sold 3000, second months sold 2000, third months sold 2500, fourth months sold 0 yuan. That’s the problem, and I’m sure you’ll see what you’re going to do after you’ve seen it.

for more details

I haven’t met this way before, so I don’t know what name to give it. One day, someone added me , said about cooperation. He said, if you publish an article on the website, beauty is not limited, as long as it contains our website URL, was included, and can not be deleted, I pay you 20 yuan. It’s like selling a link and getting an outside chain from your website. I think, this link output is only a page, not the total station, the impact on the station is small. But this is permanent, and you can’t delete it until the day you close the door. Personally, I feel very good, interested friends can consider.

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