SP business has sank to the bottomt’s more important for a novice to be a Taobao customer

above structure is greatly disadvantageous to SP. In this case, the value of the industry chain is concentrated at both ends, that is, where the operators are located and where the CP is located. The SP seems dispensable, and the other ends can be united at all. It can be said that the SP experience of winter is also unusual, not because of the industry chain

wireless service providers SP has been going on for a long time, and SP has been struggling ever since the government introduced a consolidation policy last year. In May 22nd, the first SP air network released 2007 first quarter earnings, the situation is not optimistic: first quarter revenue fell 28%, a decline of 15%, net profit fell 82%, a decline of 57%.

common promotion methods are not more than the above, in addition to, there are soft text promotion, plug-in promotion, and some of the Taobao customer level higher requirements of promotion. In fact, Taobao is only half way to promote customer success, grasp in the choice of goods good can often have a better income, careful friends will find web traffic relatively large number of transactions more often, but the Commission is generally low; some day only a few single transaction, but every day is.

: and I do stand for a period of time to do Taobao guest must remember when sh419 search on the words, now sh419 search has been brush recognition, then sh419 launched the Lenovo function words, word association basic each month appear taobao input can change several times. This method relies on brush search and associative word has been used too much, not to speak of what is stable; in addition, some relatively strong words, like Taobao, taobao, taobao home several, also known as SEO master monopoly in fact on the words, SEO has become the competition of the chain, you may wish to see, spend thousands of dollars or even thousands of dollars to buy the chain can There are plenty of people who, say, taobao feed chain sale industry half of the country. Novice Taobao customers rely on the station to promote this way, the difficulty is undoubtedly enormous.

of course, whether the bubble will rise again after the bursting of the bubble depends entirely on whether the demand for new industries remains, and so does the SP industry. In fact, people can easily see that the future SP will also play an important role in people’s life, such as mobile phone TV, mobile phone, mobile phone mail stocks and so on, with these needs there, follow the economic law, we can assert that the SP industry will rise again.

bubble will eventually break, some speculation too far, the performance can not keep up, and some are due to changes in the business environment. However, if this bubble completely negated, even hate, need not. On the one hand, it is always accompanied with the emerging industry, on the other hand, the bubble burst of emerging industries mature major role: industry boom, uncompetitive enterprises will also be relaxed because of environmental profit, which is actually a resource allocation efficiency of the damage.

, mobile operators, SP and CP ie content providers together constitute the upper and lower reaches of the whole industry chain. Among the three, mobile operators occupy a monopoly position, CP provides operational content for SP, while SP plays a bridge role.

Taobao has imperceptibly, customers shopping for a year and a half, from 06 years to learn the Internet, by the end of 08 began to learn the construction site, so the experience is not rich, at present only four Taobao guest, and Taobao off the weekly rankings those weeks into the tens of thousands of crown strongman immeasurably, although has not been able to achieve more the promotion of good record, but a year and a half years experience, and constantly to peer observation study, a psychological. Now Taobao customers has become more and more difficult, but the list of everyone’s income is more and more high, undoubtedly, can earn money or There are plenty of people who but these people, the promotion may not be suitable for all my friends, I think: the new Taobao customers, another way to make money, choose a commodity is more important

but in my view, this overly pessimistic response may be the sign that the SP industry has bottomed out. Throughout the history of economic development, the SP industry is not new to the moment. In fact, if we link the landscape of the entire SP industry two or three years ago, we can see that the SP industry has just come down from a bubble peak.


‘s overly pessimistic view of the SP outlook may be the sign that the industry has bottomed out, and that the SP industry will rise again from the point of view of the laws of economic development.

group: This is Ali mother launched Taobao at the beginning of the customer support, then the mass is too much, Taobao become the entire Internet links off everyone shouting makers hit garbage, from the common forum group, group was sending to Taobao to Ali Wangwang on the disk, so some of the funds in the account group frozen mass promotion also gradually fade out the stage Taobao customers to promote the.

and the sluggish performance of the corresponding stock price, the air network has been half a year from $9 per share fell below $5, the same year, Linktone’s share price fell 40%, Hurray shares fell 30%, pessimism has spread in the SP industry. Allegedly, the country engaged in the industry of 600 thousand people, more than half of them are suffering from job change and job hopping, and even the industry elite switched from restaurants.

blog promotion: blog marketing is very suitable for those who do not have the ability to do the novice friends, but now part of the blog began to blow off promotion behavior such as Taobao, sh419, and Sina blog space, even directly blocked Taobao customer link, so we should be careful promotion, management should choose those slightly loose but the weight is still good, such as gold blog, blog search room etc..

Before The winter of

, let me first comment on some common ways of promotion:

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