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about China’s enterprise level service summary many, the local faction and overseas faction has the outstanding article to come out, VC and the entrepreneur stand in own angle, also has many good conclusions. This article is based on Ping++ nearly three years of entrepreneurial process, there are detours, lessons learned, there is disillusionment, but also experience.

first, trust.

why are you? Because the costs of replacement and cost of opportunity are high, it is important to build trust. Trust generally comes from a professional image, an absolute expert in this segment, not only to solve problems, but also to provide advice for business. Have a strong strength, you can always accompany the growth of enterprises, do not worry about suddenly unable to provide services. Benchmark customer endorsement effect, the real case of brand customers over thousands of words. Third party authority certification, objective evaluation of industry reports.

2., the core of enterprise service sales is trust and vision.

1.toB product is the ability to draw accurate images of target customers.


, the best combination is: accurate customer positioning. Identify an expanding niche market. The more focused and narrower you are at first, the easier it will be to succeed. It’s best to build a brand new category and monopolize it and capture the customer’s mind. Stealth killer demand. This rigid demand is very hidden, has not been a good solution, belonging to counterparts can not think of the demand is not optimistic. The early development of toB products should be kept away from competition. Systemic value chain. The introduction of this product is positive for the entire industry chain, upstream, downstream, midstream benefit. Not only to avoid organ rejection, such as organ transplantation, but also to have a catalytic effect. Revolutionary cost reduction. Customers use this product, the entire efficiency from the input-output ratio is more than 10 times the magnitude of the upgrade. All of the last innovations that can be widely applied are revolutionary, and only a few optimizations are pointless.

Ping++ CEO of I Yiye gold horse journal article

what is the future? This is the higher dimension of persuasion, through the display of the future industry judgment panorama, so that the product is now constantly full of optimization and upgrading of vitality, thereby leading the needs of customers. Enterprise service companies should become customer partners rather than buying and selling relationships, exceeding customer expectations and practicing customer success for a long time.

second, vision.

because the purchasing process is a rational decision-making process, it is important to deeply understand the different ways of thinking in the chain of decisions, including budgets, responsibilities, boundaries, and key people. Products to solve customer problems are only the basis for the purchase also need two things:


The core of the

Website profit model 1: online advertising

the most common online profit model, domestic do better is Sina, Sohu, NetEase www.163 and other portals including industry portal. Most of the personal website profit model is also adopted this way, by hanging other people’s advertising survival.

emerging online short video website, through the video load before and after waiting time play advertisers online advertising. Typical example:

Home 56 www.56, potatoes www.toodou, six rooms www.6rooms etc.

  website profit model two: CRBT, MMS downloading, SMS sending, subscription of electronic magazine and other forms of value-added telecomOne of the most profitable network profit model

, almost every entry into the global top 100 thousand commercial websites and personal website in SP to obtain economic returns, due to the current sp by China Mobile and other operators, some of the decline in profitability, the gravity model the market capitalization of listed companies are shrinking. Typical example:

3G portal

Profit model

A. sells other people’s products C2C and B2C via the web siteA typical example:

Excellence www.joyo, Dangdang www.dangdang, B2C flowers usually B2C online retail is about two kinds of operation methods, one is your own products, sales through the Internet; another is to build an online retail platform, let more merchants to sell their products through this platform.

B. sells its products via the website including B2C mode

Profit model

3. large >

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