Five pioneering surfer Li Mingshun left for the king to changeshlf1314 webmaster agent alliance is h

2. webmaster only contact with Shanghai. For any ads or links displayed on your resources, you agree to contact Shanghai directly without contacting any advertiser. The equivalent of supporting unique local enterprises. more than one agent, webmaster and a layer of exploitation

3. Shanghai seeks to withhold any taxes or fees from the amount paid to you in accordance with applicable tax laws. before withholding personal income tax, the possibility of withholding tax is relatively large, and the specific rules are still to be determined.

indeed, for Li Mingshun, entrepreneurship is like surfing.

as mentioned above, the advertising alliance does not allow the webmaster to use third party statistics to monitor the click effect, or the presence of clicks and hidden clicks are not statistics. Platform problems, shlf1314 will not be liable for corporate column, so shlf1314 alliance or will reduce the webmaster to join the threshold, the introduction of advertising is relatively relaxed, from advertising began to put IDC advertising can want to know.

entrepreneurial ten years, from the time to the preparatory stage, from the choice of entrepreneurial partners to the industry choice, he has his own experience. He does not shy away from the mistakes he made during his career. After the failure of Tao Tao, he summed up his eight character lesson: "fast is slow, slow is fast", hanging on ‘s signature for one year.

editor’s note:

as early as in 2004, Li Mingshun founded the first project: advertising internet.

Wang Kexin technology Tencent reported on November 4th


in the era of Internet advertising, he founded a company called "Internet advertising company"; in the community under the wave, and Dai Zhikang micro-blog co-founder Discuz!; in group purchase fiery, founder of the group purchase vertical search poly Amoy network; after the founder of the field of electricity supplier shopping guide is a cheap money cat browser browser in the Internet financial; when the wave hit, join them, founder of the financial vertical search good loan network.

"on the right foot",

1., the station charge us dollars and now it’s rmb. Shanghai will not pay any income balance of less than RMB 740 yuan. Will the paid price for advertising be confirmed?


"entrepreneurial Apocalypse" is a deep coverage of Tencent Technology launched in the second half of 2013. The content includes the most famous companies, stories and characters in the Internet in recent years. They tell the true experiences of Internet entrepreneurs and share their experiences and reflections.

advertising Internet has done for nearly a year, encountered many difficulties. "A lot of website ad bit, although hang up, but still no one is willing to buy, advertisement advocate does not think so valuable." Li Mingshun recalls.

entrepreneurship is a difficult journey, if you can predict ahead of the road may appear traps and forks, the probability of success is higher. So, as compared to the nearly perfect examples of success, entrepreneurs are also eager to gain insight into their own entrepreneurial dilemmas.

in the above project, Discuz is a successful representative and was sold to Tencent in 2010. But since then, the establishment of two projects – poly Amoy network has been abandoned, Choi cat browser is still in transition, did not do so.

said the alliance and alliance is an important source of funding, the owners, advertising click pop into sales alliance alliance, are an important source for the webmaster advertising and benefits, shlf1314 alliance is the webmaster agent, interest may be on sale. Today, the news, Shanghai Search Advertising Co., Ltd. shlf1314AdSense China business, and launched shlf1314ADSENSEONLINE plan, enforced, if the webmaster does not agree, will withdraw from shlf1314AdSense. Re – drafted an agreement on the shlf1314 alliance, which specifically referred to the following changes:

conversion shlf1314 single click the lowest price is 1 cents, equivalent to 7 points RMB. While domestic prices generally go down, and the data do not have third party statistics, the cat alliance only 3 points RMB, the gap between the price will be doubled. The scissors as can be imagined. If you click advertising changed, then shlf1314 League owners wealth is relatively shrinking. If you click RMB, click the unit price down, and regulations do not pay any income under 740 yuan, relatively speaking, the webmaster get the money threshold is too high, or the webmaster will find their own league.

Li Mingshun thinks the right model is at inappropriate times

we are doing, is speculative and checking the Internet business case of China from multiple angles, business sense summarizes the most shocking truth based on naked entrepreneurship.

see good loan network CEO Li Mingshun, it is already 9 in the evening. He was wearing a good credit net T-shirt and just finished his team meeting. After the interview, and will soon go to the next event.

4., I noticed that shlf1314 ads began placing IDC ads and other ads that they hadn’t seen before. Obviously, there will be some big moves.


‘s summary of the past is for a better start.

shlf1314 alliance is agent is assured, a mandatory agreement to bring some impact some webmaster is huge! Has been shlf1314 and $RMB price difference caused by advertising dollars enthusiastic webmaster. Is now converted to RMB, although money or money, but one of the changes that make money will be devalued, the interests of the owners or will be hurt!

local agents have many active factors, unfavorable to the webmaster

good loan network is already Li Mingshun micro-blog fifth pioneering projects. In his words, he is a restless man.

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