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mode is that customers in the purchase before it is difficult to determine, the word, how many people can search every day, how many potential customers have entered the customer site, how much is paid by the client for each potential customer cost so in the PPC flexible and can purchase multiple keywords related to your business the ranking, and left, so sh419 hot zone ranked sales, it has always been difficult to promote. If sh419 phoenix nest plan officially launched after the massive will activate the "frozen" the "hot zone", but also can promote their business growth and better financial statements.

the news so far has not received the official sh419 agency confirmed that the following is my personal guess.


hot strip, now the pattern is: the annual payment, a price of a word, the specific price need to query the 1-3 name, the same price, who bought the first, whoever came to the front, 4-10 ranking is not fixed, the rotation of the ranking system is "the emperor, take turns sitting to my house" the form of today.


The drawbacks of sh419

from the top news that sh419 will soon introduce a new bidding mode, named "phoenix nest", here, a simple repeat of news content "according to a day before sh419 bid received a new proposal to industry sources, sh419 phoenix nest system function and shlf1314 Adwords not much difference between the background. "Phoenix nest can provide regional settings, including delivery time, budget setting, keyword recommendation tools show the lowest price, creative round advertisement Carousel including a number of functions, the report provides data types and dimensions will also increase." According to sources.

now, often hear customers complained that sh419 ranked the left side of the low conversion rate and consumption too fast, this situation is there, but is no longer a few, sh419 push the "nest" is to give these customers have complained of a better choice, give you the same function, you came to the right. In this case, consumption naturally slow, but at the right advertising customers, targeted to many than the left strong this is the author’s experience, click on the conversion rate will naturally increase. < >

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sh419 launched the "phoenix nest" plan will bring what kind of benefits to customers

hot strip and sh419 PPC, launched at roughly the same time, but the purchase rate of hot zone has been very low, not favored by the customers, I simply looked at the sh419 hot zone purchase rate, many popular keywords of the industry, ranking are very cold, or not, or have two or three, which I can determine the hot zone, the purchase rate of hot industry keywords will not exceed 20% basic data judgment: hot zone a total of 10, the actual purchase rate is the average purchase more hot industry keywords buy number divided by 10, I think the main reason causing this situation, mainly by the following factors.

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

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