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live in a battle, there are rich and powerful: "two rich generation" such as pepper, crazy live broadcast; "bangdakuan" represents as quickly short video broadcast platform, double, panda TV; rub social "like YY, unfamiliar street live broadcast.

drainage: this should be met, it is on the group encountered some people send advertising, what what XX site, how?. If they are true advertising information, then the point in the flow can be considered directional traffic, if he sends the XX site has beautiful pictures, the results go in and see, is a novel station. Well, the amount of traffic you’re entering is garbage flow, because you’re not going to see a novel at all, so you’ll turn the window off as soon as you see it…….

2016 broadcast the key to the development of the industry a year, in this year, the emergence of countless live platform, the industry gradually evolved into a war of chaos.

garbage collection: when we search for something through a search engine, we tend to go to sites that are completely unrelated to the information we search for. The traffic we ordered in is a garbage flow for that site. "Garbage station" mainly on the web site sent a lot of people search, the recent hot news on it, the purpose is only to improve the site traffic, and don’t care whether to enter the crowd help. The flow is mainly garbage flow.

directional traffic: mainly refers to the "right people find the right site", such as my website is to do second-hand housing, and then come to visit my website is to buy or sell second-hand housing. The traffic generated by these people, for my website, is directional traffic. Because their purpose is very strong, there is a very big possibility in our website on our company interest, and then cooperation.

received millions of Yuan seed rounds in June 2015;

directional flow generation: mainly about SEO flow and bidding flow.

industry is concerned with not only the future direction of its customers, but also what major changes it will make in the direct broadcasting industry.

traffic is divided into two main types:

perhaps a lot of people are not unfamiliar with the term "live broadcast", and this term is made by the guest. Because there is no strong capital support, the guest’s first move is to focus on the live broadcast of the amateur. Using a mobile phone to see the daily life of another stranger, the desire to become a spy to open the heart of the user’s key.

garbage flow: mainly refers to someone who inadvertently enters your station or is attracted to your website by what is attracted. But you don’t have what they expect on your site. For example, I searched for Tiananmen on the Internet. I wanted to see the pictures of Tiananmen. The result was a hotel website named Tiananmen. Well, for this website, the traffic I clicked into was a garbage flow because I didn’t have any interest in their hotel and would not produce a specific consumption.

and some others are not one by one examples, we usually own a number of analysis.

no matter how Wangzhuan, you must have a flow. Whether you do your own traffic or buy traffic. If there is no traffic, you can say that you will not have any income.

SEO traffic: mainly through the use of various web site optimization means, so that the site in a search engine in a keyword ranking. For example, I want to learn magic

two traffic types are generated:

rise · decline

garbage flow generation: there are many kinds, but also can continue to extend, here only to explain a few common.


2016 is known as the first year of live, in the mobile Internet tide, a large number of live platforms have been born. With the "thousand war" pattern formed, live broadcast has infiltrated many people’s daily life, but also changed some of the "grassroots" pattern of life.

in November 2015, the company won the fortune fund and Jinsha River venture capital company

in the process of live continuously to the user penetration in it is helpless reflected off, ascended the peak of the broadcast industry in 2016. However, the popular market momentum began from 2017 until the day before a sudden turn for the worse, reflecting off suddenly announced that the "who", which makes the broadcast industry has gradually become the focus of the outside world cold again.

understand notes found in broadcast industry ranked two echelons front, but there is no background, no customers reflect the background of the "lone hero". Since May 2015 on-line start, the guest hits the big user card, uses each kind of method to attack the user. Relatively smooth user experience and high participation, so that reflected in a relatively short period of time to attract a large number of users.

according to understand the notes, statistics, reflecting customers, the financing situation as follows:

because of this, the guest stepped on the national live air outlet, with several successful offline activities, its user volume rose rapidly, financing has become more and more smooth.

one for garbage flow, one for directional flow.

July 2015, Ambassador received A8 music 10 million RMB angel financing;

only a year, live from the capital market darling reduced to a short video foil. Compared to the 2016 wave of financing, this year’s live broadcast industry is more of a topic of reshuffle. Ying Ke prostitute xuanya international, is perhaps a beginning.

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