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Fowler also accused the company of sex discrimination. Once her engineering team bought a leather jacket for employees, but missed the female staff. Executives say this is because the number of women in the team is too small, and suppliers refuse to offer discounts like men’s jackets, and buying women’s employees at higher prices can be unfair to male colleagues.

work for nearly half a year, Zhang Feilong want to start their own business, when only 500 yuan in hand, resolutely resigned, "nearly 10000 yuan Commission, I did not take."". He plans to use what he has learned to build a website, selling fruit like many Shandong villagers. General fruit, you can buy in the fruit shop, if the Internet also sell such fruits, do not have advantages. By chance, he came into contact with imported fruits and immediately realized the great business opportunities.

, 18, creates a busy sky,

Beijing 20 morning CNBC said the taxi software company yuho Uber CEO Travis – Kalanick Travis Kalanick said on Sunday, was ordered to launched an urgent investigation of sexual harassment and sexual discrimination allegations by a former employee of the.

Zhang Feilong 5 years ago, a green hand, there is a strong "stubborn". Because the parents are doing business in Suzhou, he also followed in the creation of the world "". He was especially interested in computers, learning to build websites and working on a website that sells tickets. Later, I felt bored and changed to another network company as a salesman. Although the monthly salary is not much, but Zhang Feilong very satisfied, "anyway, I came to study, did not want to get wages."." At that time, the company dozens of salesman, age is bigger than him, but his performance is first.

, a few years ago, I always lied to myself that I was 80. It’s been a few years since I lived back." In order to gain the trust of others, Zhang Feilong, an adult, must learn to mature. "Things that have happened in the past few years, some of them can not be said in words."." In his face, far from 90 publicity, but always suffused with a smile. Kekepengpeng 5 years, taught him to "calm" two words. His character is so full of fruit that fruit needs not only sunshine but also cold nights – cold rain to ripen it.

found in communication with other female colleagues, on whether the man was "first" on this issue, "obviously the human resources department and the management of lying," this is not the first time he female colleagues of sexual harassment, nor the last time.

excellent step before the site Reliability Engineers SRE, the author of the book of Susan – Fowler Technology Susan Fowler issued a document on a personal blog, revealed her work in yuho during a period of one year were male boss and suffered sexual harassment, take revenge experience.

Fowler joined in November 2015, and, as she puts it, the new boss sexually harassed her in the company’s chat tool on the first day of the job. Fowler immediately put these confidence and chat screenshots, report to the human resources department, but received reports of senior management staff responded that the male boss is "first", and his excellent performance, not because of a company to him may be "innocent mistake" to punish him.

excellent step CEO Karan Nick said in a statement on the matter: "I just read Susan Fowler’s blog. The things she described were abhorrent and violated all the things that represented and believed in. I have directed our new chief human resources officer, Liane Hornsey, to make an urgent inquiry into these allegations. We are committed to making it a fair place to work, and we will never tolerate it. Any person who has such conduct or agrees with such conduct will be expelled."

5 years ago, in the network marketing has just started under the background of "fruit" online is a very new concept, to very long future. However, Zhang Feilong has steadily walked to the present, and more and more big, a few years of sales accumulated more than 100 million yuan. More surprising is that the first in Suzhou fruit industry e-commerce entrepreneurs, turned out to be 90! 5 years ago, he was only 18 years old.

was supposed to try it, but to his surprise, there was a big customer on the second day after the site was on the line. However, the customer request a gift card, Zhang Feilong’s "flying fruit network" has not yet this service. In order to retain customers, Zhang Feilong immediately to the advertising company printed in the now seems to be very rough gift cards. His sincerity won the first business. Because of the deal, Zhang Feilong’s confidence grew. Since then, he has received many orders.

Fowler, after a year at the job, switched to another company and came out to announce it.

entrepreneurship is hard, and then he is still young, no money, no matter, relying on a person struggling hard, continuous work, sleepless, is often the case. By the end of the year, however, he was unable to pay even the delivery man’s wages and the rent. Debt to press suffocatively Zhang Feilong, after the decision as a warning for the future is to continue, but again, not the same as before, in the invalid >

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