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the old business model is nirvana, new business model innovation is highly collaborative, Tongli ashes. Nowadays, anyone in any industry or position needs the ability to creatively solve problems.

it is worth noting that this method is effective only at the last moment, and you have to take the lead, so that your team can freely express ideas. You can try to give the team this freedom early in the project, but they probably won’t trust you and try and let go. When you feel the tension in the team, do it again.


2. find something you can see and feel,

guest to earn money must be fine differentiation products even only a single brand products to meet the business shop promotion defects to achieve win-win situation, no matter what you do have to product research and thinking in order to achieve the needs of users, or what people can not directly Taobao! The source from the zhaojinseo Webmaster: Zhao Jinru reprint please specify the source, at the same time, you are welcome to visit the Zhao Jin SEO blog and put forward opinions and suggestions.

customer segmentation product can be done in two ways, the first is to use the ready-made CMS template changes to one of your own layout and layout for a category of products, to provide more detailed information for users of products. The second way is to use blog program, the architecture of the program because the blog has largely consistent with the SEO optimization, slightly modified to be on the line, the biggest advantage is that blog program can easily be included and the search engine is love blog program, do keyword ranking will be easier.

sometimes magical things happen at the last minute. At this time, people’s thinking is often clearer and more hysterical desire to break through. When the deadline gradually approaching and my team has also struggled in trouble, I will be at the last moment requires players to display any of their ideas to the whole team, no matter how those ideas sounded self-evident or funny. "Suppose you can decide on this project……." You can’t imagine the effect of stress when you tell a group of creative people this sentence.


with the intense competition in many Taobao customers have started to do a single product category, such as weight loss, breast enhancement, like a raging fire oil sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like bloom, because the industry is profiteering categories so to earn money is still relatively small, and the black hat technique today is a group of K emerge in an endless stream, appear again tomorrow a group of. Many Taobao customers take the product differentiation line is the trend of the times, all walks of life will be more segments of the market, and ultimately to meet the precise needs of users and development.

lead: getting a new idea every day in a fast growing company is a very unlikely thing for you or your team. Fortunately, I found some tips for heresy.

Taobao guest website in the early days can be roughly divided into two forms, one is to promote product based web site, to "Amoy boss" early website, for example, mainly earn product commission. Another is to store promotion model sites earn shop commission. These two ways of profit each have their own advantages and characteristics, product promotion commission high, but the turnover rate is low, shop promotion turnover rate is high, but the Commission is very low. One after another is a large number of Taobao customers follow the line online, resulting in fierce competition, miserable.

more challenging is that in this never-ending business environment, you must constantly innovative ability in place, when at any time to deal with the coming demand — and this is the most easy to change your head "brick". In a fast growing company, however, getting new ideas every day is an unlikely thing for you or your team, and the path to inspiration is changing. A walk for inspiration, a change of scene or watch an episode of "Shower Principle" "I’m mad as a comedy 30 Rock sixth quarter fifteenth set" The Shower Principle ", this episode is about how to use creative impress the boss, these methods in me never force two times continuously.

when your initial project comes into play, find something to touch and put it in the room. For example, a piece of art that will remind you of the final shape of the product you’re thinking of; it can remind you of what you did and what can be improved. Another example is a competitor’s product, a piece of building material, a small part of the finished product, a magazine of customer groups, etc.

development of the Internet has just a dozen years, many companies with strong capital and innovation ushered in today’s brilliant become famous portals, e-commerce sites, websites and so on, so all walks of life to the elite website, new website development will become the problem you need long-term planning, Taobao guest many webmaster has advanced into the ranks of market segments, of course, referring to or less part of the crowd, because most of the Taobao customer website is still not profitable.

fortunately, I found some tips for heresy, when you do, maybe you can help.

1. embraces the last 1 minutes of creative ideas

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