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rural tourism is in the ascendant and has risen to national strategy

rural tourism to promote rural development, where the road is

third, increase employment opportunities, enhance the well-being of the villagers.

second, accommodation as the top priority of rural tourism, to help the villagers rapid income increase.

tourism consumption upgrade, people are tired of the holidays, people get together the mass tourism, but some niche tourism is more popular, rural tourism talent shows itself: Regression pastoral life, enjoy a leisurely vacation time. "China rural tourism development index report" pointed out that this year is China’s " big rural tourism era " the first year of the year, rural tourism has become a new way of vacation. Through large data deduction prediction, the future of China’s rural tourism fever will continue for more than 10 years, in 2025 reached nearly 3 billion passengers. Such a huge rural tourism market brought about by the economic benefits can be imagined, rural tourism fiery can be seen.

, in some remote rural areas with beautiful scenery, may be the only way to earn money, so many rural areas become empty nest elderly and left behind children gathered. The development of local tourism resources, increasing employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for the villagers to attract migrant workers home, family reunion, income stability, promoting social stability and harmony at the same time, the villagers also to enhance the sense of happiness.

2017 NPC and CPPCC closing, B & B short rent and rural tourism as has been mentioned several times and became the start of hot words. In February 5th, "the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on further promoting the agricultural supply side structural reform to speed up the cultivation of a number of opinions" of agricultural and rural development new energy release, clearly will develop a rustic pension and health pension base". In addition, in the two sessions this year, many deputies and members mentioned that the construction of rural tourism, all talked about improving the capacity of rural accommodation and reception. It is hot the development of B & B, particularly the rural pension once again sparked the attention from all walks of life.

name, foreigners habit is named Firstname in the former, surname Lastname in the back. If you run into it, you’d better pay attention to the order, but if you fill it out, it doesn’t matter. The Bank of China accepts the check when it is admitted. For example: Liu Gang, can be written as GangLiu, can also be written as LiuGang.

note the road name, company name, the name of the village are not translated into English agreed, as long as the written spelling on the line. Because your check is sent by the Chinese postman, the key is for them to understand. Tech building, you wrote TechnologyBuilding, they might be even more confused. Now, each city’s China post sorting center has a special person responsible for translating foreign addresses into Chinese addresses and writing them on envelopes and sending them to the postman. Important: your postal code must be written correctly, because several postal links in foreign letters are delivered by postal code areas.

on how to verify their written address what can be delivered right to the local post office. I often see a lot of new Internet enabled friends asking for the correct English expressions about the address. In fact, you can take a simple and effective way to validate yourself.

1. go to the post office to buy envelopes and stamps;

2. on the envelope to write your address and the recipient English or pinyin;

3.. You can also write an address in a variety of ways, such as no.1xiluroad and xilulu1hao which are then addressed envelope stamped in a mailbox;

4. in a week you should receive these letters sent to their own, if you do not receive the written address or the local post office has a problem. For the latter, you can use the following aspects of the post office sorting personnel training is effective or not, depends on the quality of the local post office address in English envelope while writing, one line is English Pinyin, the next line with Chinese to write, then took to posting, repeated several general can be OK.< >

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first, rural tourism meets the needs of the upgraded tourism, and it can also promote the local economic development and kill two birds with one stone.

with the upgrading of consumption, urban people to rural leisure vacation has become a fashion, the tourism industry is from the city to the countryside, from scenic spots to pastoral, from sightseeing to experience changes, rural tourism is in the ascendant. At the two conferences, rural tourism rose to the national strategic level. Therefore, the development of rural tourism is the trend of the times. The reason why the country attaches so much importance to rural tourism is that there are three reasons:

travel, accommodation is essential, rural tourism is no exception. With the opportunity of local tourism development, the villagers can set up farmhouse restaurants and open farm houses for accommodation and accommodation for tourists. The characteristics of the local food and lodging in the tourist season, can help the local villagers to achieve rapid growth in income, improve the overall income level of local residents.


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