Talking about how to manage a movie station in the end

in general, the current movie station is still quite a bit, and most free movie stations are collecting Youku, potatoes and other resources, because it saves a lot of server resources. Of course, such resources also have considerable advantages, not only can save resources, server bandwidth costs, but also a large number of such. With such resources do successful station a lot, such as energy-saving, 100ys and so on.

but, resources to resources, I want to talk about is how to promote the movie station, how to develop the stable flow of the movie station?. Combined with the development of my own station, I think we can start with the following aspects:

first, the stability of resources. Whether you are collecting resources or your own server resources, you must ensure that the stability of resources is relatively high. Do not have three day 2 head problems, otherwise you will not only attract new users, but even the old users of your website will be lost.

second, the website structure is clear. I’ve seen a lot of collection stations, and more resources are facts. But the ads are flying around. Not only have the title of temptation Abstract advertising, 2 and even 3 of the pop, excuse me, what is the people to watch movies, or read your advertisement? After you called the user how? (of course, if you own resource server, and the movie and put some pop is not clear, effect). So, ensure the website user clear interface, reasonable structure is also very important.

third, reasonable editing, appropriate updates. Only from the collection, so many webmaster have become lazy. All the resources are collected and stored up, so that users do not know how to visit when looking for. There are only the first station to do the station crazy collection, storage, and then not updated. Excuse me, what are people visiting?. My station, I insist on updating every day, no matter how much, at least let the user feel that this station there are people in the management.

fourth, proper outside chain. The main thing is how to start from the inside, and this is what everyone talks about often. A station must have outside chain, otherwise search engine is to you do not catch cold. To do the chain, I want to say is that you have to see the connection to the station. I do the chain, I usually go to their own initiative to find the site. In this way, not only PR high, the quality of the chain is also very high. The chain I bought is generally 50 months, no more than 5 of the entire station is connected with the basic. Just imagine, you give 10 yuan to buy a chain of dozens of stations and only 5 sites, which good


fifth, alternative Baidu promotion methods. This method is my own original, as for others have not used, or published, I do not know, at least I use their own, I want to come out. If your station is good enough, there are certain bright spots that can attract people and use this method to have effect. In the Baidu post bar, when you can reply with a picture of Zhang, my method is to do an ordinary picture of yourself, in their own space. Then in >

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