Zhou Ning six links analysis of how to retain users of local websites

There are several phenomena in the

local web site: the main form of local websites is local communities; local websites mainly focus on localized consumption; local websites do not have strong dependence on the flow of Baidu. We can see the local website domain many brilliant case, for example, 19 floor Xiamen, long lane fish etc.. We analyze some of the practices that these websites are adopting and have been using, and can answer many of the initial local web operators’ doubts: how do local sites retain users?

keep the user this problem is in place, including many rookie problems, such as: how to do? How to promote? How to find? What rules? How profitable? — the nature of the problem has been close to the operation of the community is to keep people. Local websites exist in the form of local communities, which solve the needs of local Internet users: local consumption and the local human relations extending from the local consumption.

must recognize that local communities operate not just content operations, but the combination of content operations and business operations. Therefore, retaining people is not a single link to solve the problem, but rather the integration of many operational processes. According to the development process of a website, there are six main links:

one, content to keep people

Based on the

website first must have a certain amount of, not necessarily do much good, but no content cannot pull. That’s what many websites call content filling. Of course, the professionalism of the filling will have no small impact. Hualong Xiang Qian Yu also mentioned a key point in the "how to do": content like a row of water, water, water, little water, you need to pick a day unremittingly, always put the cylinder filling.

therefore, the main points are no more than two points: according to the situation of the forum, the rational distribution of energy; perseverance. However, many stations remain stalled at this stage.

two, topic

The user is registered with the download station it is easy to bring

, however, the next question is: "even if there is no one post registration, how to do?" the answer is very simple: "to a topic guide, your boring topic, why?"

classic case: in 2012 the Qixi Festival, the 19 floor of the time – "the love of Shuangcheng Hangzhou Ningbo headlines". When it comes time, it is not only the click, but also the interaction. It is the natural result.

three, feel reserved

What is

‘s feeling? That’s the legendary sense of belonging. There are three kinds of feelings:

1, reasonable rules. For a negative example, the webmaster of a web site asks users to send about 1000 posts to change their avatar and signature, saying management is difficult. You know, girls go online, the first thing is to pay attention to your avatar and signature, it is recommended that such network management immediately dismissed.

2, good interaction. User >

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